Thursday, March 3, 2016

Conscious Life Expo - David Wilcock - New Intel, The Human Evolutionary Leap, Sacred Geometry, Illuminati Secrets, and More

This presentation quite possibly contains some of the most important information you will ever encounter.  I say this because, for the first time ever, an individual has combined proven, scientific fact from multiple disciplines, and with them, (in a way) single-handedly solved the scientific "unified field theory".  Not only this, but as we look at the scope of this information, we may also realize that these facts have very significant philosophical and spiritual implications for each one of us.  If we want to know who we are, why we are all here, and what our true purpose is, this information is very likely to help us answer these questions.

We know that knowledge is power.  Each of us has our own right to this inherent, internal power, but in order to use this power to its full potential, we have to bring our own knowledge to its full potential.  This is most important when there are those around us and within our society who deliberately try to take this power from us.  With this realization, our learning becomes vital to our very survival and prosperity.

Many have tried their best to distract from this information, to counter it, to launch preemptive, disinformation campaigns against it in order to lessen its impact, but their efforts were all in vain.  The knowledge is ours to explore if we so choose.  So with that, here is David Wilcock's lecture from the Conscious Life Expo 2016 (in paraphrase, along with complementary information and links).