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Cosmic Matrix Revealed is an exclusive four part series recorded in HD in Byron Bay on 25 July 2015, and presented by George Kavassilas. You will have access to over 6 hours of some of the most powerful content you are ever likely to experience in your life.

It is inspiring that you have chosen to quest–i-on and investigate your life deeper.  It is a noble Quest.
Cosmic Matrix Revealed is for the person who knows there is more to this life than we have been led to believe. Who has realised that our perception of reality, life and this world has been molded by a false authority. 

Are you are ready to take back ownership and command of your life? 

Are you ready to expand your understanding and awareness of Life to a Universal scale and even beyond, into being limitless and infinite? Cosmic Matrix Revealed is an experiential account of Universal knowledge and wisdom beyond all dogmas and doctrine.  Be prepared though, because belief systems and false paradigms will most certainly be challenged and for some they will even be torn down, but in their stead the naked truth arises in its simple and graceful beauty. 

In this seminar I venture deeper into my endeavour in answering the primordial questions of life
  • Who are we?
  • Where do we come from?
  • What are we doing here?
I explain in further detail what it is we are dealing with when it comes to The Matrix.  By sharing with you my understanding and experience of it, you will be in a much greater and empowered position to
  • Expand your awareness of life, this Universe and your journey through it
  • Deepen your perception of your life here on Earth
  • Discover the paradigm breaking reality about the Matrix imposition on Humanity
  • Be empowered to better deal with life’s challenges
  • Change the way you navigate your way through life.
  • Provide the background framework in transcending the Cosmic Matrix.  
I feel very passionate about launching Cosmic Matrix Revealed and stand proud of the content in its capacity to help many in their path to true freedom and spiritual liberation.

Understanding what you are dealing with when confronted with a challenge is a huge advantage and a big step forward in moving beyond the pain and the paradigm of reality that we are intending to transcend.  

So…what is it?  What is The Matrix? 

The Matrix is a system! It is a colossal multi-dimensional system of custodianship and control which comes in many guises.  

In my journeys I have seen and experienced the extent of this vast multi-dimensional Matrix, and have come to know what it is and what it is capable of. 

It is time to decide, do you want to know?

Connect and journey into the emerging world, and feel your Being expand.