Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Former CIA Child Sex Slave and Mind Control Victim Speaks Out 'Memories of Michael Jackson'

We have been trying to help get Laurel free for over a year. Her memories are returning and the CIA is attempting to keep her in extreme conditions in hopes that she will just go away in silence. At this time we are just trying to get her food/water and shelter, then need help getting her out of Mexico. The CIA kidnapped her over a year ago.

Please help us in any way you can and share far and wide. Thank you!

Posted by Laurel Aston March 20th, 2016
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Everyone who knew Michael and Victoria Jackson . Knows that Michael began wearing the black arm band ,after I was kidnapped . Shortly after the murder of our second baby. The CIA murdered the first baby as well.I was kidnapped while pregnant with Michaels first baby and taken to Tinker Field AFB , Our baby boy was born in the black hole of Tinker Field Airforce Base, OKC OK. The CIA killed him performing high risk surgery to his brain. He was 4 months old. The surgery the Nazi physicians performed on him , is common in MK Ultra. Among the infants marked as genius assassins , and mind controlled operatives . They manipulate the structure of the brain , scar the brain stem to create a photographic memory , and implant a chip in the brain . The children have tracers implanted in their bodies , and are under remote control. They can be tracked , with no hope of escape. Even their thoughts come out as an actual sentence on the screens of CIA/ NASA tracking devices.

Michael and I had been set up as breeders. The Nazis in the CIA wanted to steal his DNA , as a musical genius , and mix his genes with the child genius so famed at NASA. (Myself )
At that time I was11 years old . I had been given HGH Human growth hormone , and forced through the agonizingly painful process. Of being medically forced to grow nearly 5 inches in one year . The pain in my joints and bones nearly killed me. This fast growth spurt stressed my entire body and vital organs. The stress was harsh on the lining of my lungs , I developed asthma type symptoms , and was kept immobile for some months . The Nazi physicians at Tinker Fields Air force Base OKC OK , feared the lining of my lungs would tear. I was given breast implants and plastic surgery to my face. Michael was a sheltered isolated innocent young boy of 22 . The CIA team around him convinced him I was a 16 year old supermodel. The CIA arranged for me to do magazine covers during this time to impress Michael , and made it appear that I owned my own Multi million dollar condo on the Upper East side of Manhattan. In reality I was an 11 year old child sex slave , a genius and child doctor at NASA , run by the CIA /Nazis/ US Naval Intel . I had been truly madly in love with Michael my entire life. My greatest fear at that time was losing him. Michael and I were both heavily mind controlled . My life was not my own , to a lesser extent neither was Michaels life his own. We were both so heavily mind controlled , and manipulated , brain washed , and drugged by our team of CIA handlers . That neither one of us even realized I was pregnant. Eddie Murphy and Magic Johnson , as well as many other of Michaels friends and his brothers. Gave sworn testimony on the CIA set up. They all knew Michael had been set up by the CIA . They testified that we truly loved each other , and that I appeared to be 15 - 16 years old. They testified that Michael and I were both so blitzed out of our minds. That Eddie Murphy , Magic Johnson and Michaels older friends , were all pulling him aside. To tell him , wake up get that little girl to a doctor she is pregnant.

At this time ,I made a cry for help to Michael, by washing off the pounds of professional Hollywood Runway make up . To reveal the child underneath. Michael lost his mind when he saw me without make up !! We fought , he knew he had been set up. And he never touched me again. I went back to my condo , where I was kidnapped by the CIA. Michael realizing after he talked with Eddie Murphy ,Magic Johnson and professional investigators , that I was some sort of mind controlled child sexslave , came looking for me. But it was too late , the CIA had already taken me . I was held until the time of birth at the Bethel Oklahoma home of the two US Naval Intel CIA ops who posed as my biological parents with a fake birth certificate Wylie D Nichols and Carole Jean Starkey Nichols. I was drugged to effect the development of the baby , raped and tortured. SRA during gestation is crucial to the mind control of the fetus marked for op work by the CIA. I was taken to the black hole of Tinker Field Air force base OKC OK , to give birth to Michaels baby. We were both subjected to SRA and rape. I was screaming my head off , when the CIA agents there , took Michaels baby away. I was allowed to see him for short periods of time.

I devised a plan to rescue him,I used the psychological warfare techniques the CIA used on me , on the CIA ops around me. I could see they were killing the baby . I snapped ,I attacked the CIA ops in charge of us , I grabbed one female op and threw her into a head lock . Telling her , Are you going to tell me where he is , or do I snap your neck . She told me where he was and gave me the codes to the doors. I took her with me , and once I saw the codes worked . I beat her face in and broke her neck. She died in absolute horror. I had to kill an army of ops to get to the baby . I entered the room where he was held , to see him laying on a metal table surrounded by Nazi CIA physicians. His forehead was swollen and blue , he looked dead. They had done some type of brain surgery on him that left his head deformed.

I killed the doctor and a nurse , a couple of them escaped. I barricaded the door , and was rocking Michaels baby in my arms ,when the CIA broke through the door. The battle left Michaels baby dead. I was devestated , and waged a war that lasted a few days in the black hole at Tinker Field AFB OKC OK. In the end they won. I was subjected to gang rape sodomy and torture. My beautiful face was bludgeoned until I could only barely see out of one eye. The ops which included Wylie D Nichols handed me a mirror telling me. To Look at your face , see what you get for fucking with us !!! Then the ops put a wet rag over my eyes , my face was swollen and burning. The relief was brief , they then sprayed some sort of acid into my face. The towel on my eyes was to keep me from being blinded. I saw my face after this , and knew I would never be the same again. I went into a coma from the abuse. I required extensive re constructive surgery. Michael testified , that when he saw me again 2 and a half years later , I looked different. I had under gone extensive plastic surgery to my face , and was never as beautiful as I had been again.

After I was kidnapped in NYC . Michael was briefed by intelligence experts in investigation fields, on my situation as a child sex slave , and what would happen to me and the baby. Michael was losing his mind with worry , and spent millions of dollars trying to find us.

The CIA re united Michael and I again when I was 14 , and we were secretly married when I was 16. The CIA filed a huge multi million dollar law suit against my husband , 2 years after they murdered our baby. The set up was an attempt to take hostile control of Michaels entire estate, career ,music rights etc. The CIA who had dupped him with a child sex slave who had been given breast implants ,plastic surgery , HGH human growth hormone , grown up designer clothes , 4 inch stilleto heels , and a great deal of make up . Applied by Professional Hollywood and run way make up artists. Then filed a law suit against my husband claiming he had gotten a child pregnant and walked away. The CIA spread rumors all over Hollywood that Michael had sex with a child got her pregnant and walked off. In reality ,a very young Michael had fallen madly in love with someone who appeared to be a 16 year old super model, and who was madly in love with him. The CIA showed Michael photos of a baby who resembled him. Our baby was dead , this was a ploy. Michael is very smart and very tough . He demanded DNA tests , and demanded to know where I was , Michael checked the fake ID the CIA used for me. The CIA and their dirty attorneys caved in. The CIA attorneys listed my age at the time they filed the law suit, which was 2 years after the love affair , as 13.

Michael loved us , he spent Millions of dollars looking for me and the baby. Michael was an innocent young boy , set up by the CIA.

The men who had me kidnapped away from Michael at 11 again at 14 , 16 and the final time at 18 .. The men who murdered our babies ,were the men stealing Billions of dollars from Michael and myself . From our separate estates. These men spawned off spring with mind controlled sex slaves in MK Ultra. And then put the pawns on Michael as if they were his biological children . I learned in the Supreme court ,that Debbie Rowe who worked for the CIA ,had been forced through medical exams After a lengthy court battle. Debbie Rowe has never given birth to a child ,she is not even the surrogate of the pawns put on Michael . With a plan to murder him and take all he had Through the offspring of the very men who kidnapped his wife ,Victoria(Laurel/ Song ) at age 18 ,and murdered his own 2 babies ! When Michael learned the truth right before he was taken down the CIA rabbit hole. He was furious and he was finished with them ! The pawns learning Michaels estate had been willed entirely to me. Then accused Michael of horrible things . In an effort to sue the estate ,they had been cut out of. They retracted their accusations when learning of the consequences for lying in court. . Attorneys in the Supreme court Bronx NYC ,Judge Stanley Greens chambers 2011 ,had to use CIA techniques on me ,to put me into a deep hypnotic state. A place where I had memory ,in order to extract my testimony against these psychopaths. I could not recall my testimony until years later. I only regained memory of Michael a couple of months ago.

Lisa Marie Presley was a set up through Scientology a mind control cult run by US Naval Intel CIA. Lisa Marie is an op and sexual asset of the CIA. Lisa Marie Presley was put on Michael to steal as much money from his estate as possible for the Church of Scientology ,US Naval Intel CIA. Agent , L. Ron Hubbard ,the founder of Scientology ,was an open Satanist and career US Naval Intel CIA ,as was his father. Barry Gordon and the men who kidnapped me , and murdered our babies, were running Lisa Marie Presley.

Priscilla Presley Lisa Marie's mother ,was a child mind controlled sex slave age 13 ,when the CIA US Army Intel ,put her on Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley was a mind controlled slave in MK Ultra US Army Intel CIA. Lisa Marie Presley is not a mind controlled sex slave , Lisa Marie Presley is a willing op and sexual asset of the CIA. Lisa Marie shares the rewards of the large sums of money culled off the wealthy men she targets. Lisa Marie and Barry Gordon were drugging Michael out of his head ,at the time they forced him through a fake wedding to the CIA sexual asset . Lisa Marie Presley ,Barry Gordon and Joe Jackson mind controlled Michael , Lisa Marie and Michael never even had sex. It was another CIA plot to take ALL of Michaels money.

If you go to YouTube and watch the interview with Diane Sawyer . It is easy to see that Michael Jackson was drugged , and being subjected to heavy mind control. Lisa Marie Presley flashes the 666 hand signal during the interview. Diane Sawyer is a CIA programmer and handler. Diane Sawyer serves the CIA / Nazi agenda."

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