Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How Reptilians will convince us to forfeit our freewill and willingly relinquish our sovereignty without a fight.

How Reptilians will convince us to forfeit our freewill and willingly relinquish our sovereignty without a fight.  And what we can do to change course.

By Lucinda
Part I   

First contact is fast approaching, and the astonishingly beautiful, physically superior Nordic Galactics will greet us with perfect smiles, words of love and peace, and promises of advanced technology.  Did you think they'd roll out the scary reptilians first, with their sharp teeth and bad reputations? 

These attractive, cloned, programmed ambassadors of peace will regale us with glorious tales of victory over the reptilians, who are behind the scenes controlling their every move.  I don't know how even a programmed clone could keep a straight face while telling us they will generously bequeath their advanced technology, when they themselves suppressed our ability to achieve this same technology in every way conceivable.

They will be treated as heroes and saviors.  The masses will gush with gratitude for saving the world from the reptilians and other tyrannical galactics.  Why waste resources and effort on a hostile takeover of Earth when they can offer us beads and trinkets and promises of eternal peace?

What took them so long to get here, you ask?  They've been here all along, for centuries, sparking wars and creating chaos, and are now busily orchestrating the final stages of the political and technical infrastructure of the New World Order in which we will imprison ourselves.  Deception requires covert plans and patience, lest our Freewill leads to resistance.

They will order arrests of high ranking politicians and cabal satanists which will garner more adoration.  Their obsequious patsies know too much and pose a threat to the galactics. They will be among the first selected to be silenced. 

Anti-alien "terrorists" will be hunted down with approval from the public who sees this as a necessary safeguard for peace and security.  Police state weapons supported by inter-dimensional technologies will rout out non-conformers.  The public will welcome the galactics' promise of protection and stability in exchange for our full cooperation and servitude.
The hostile galactics' goal is to exploit our physical resources and parasitically feed off our fear-saturated etheric plasma.  They answer to their god of the universe called alternate, or in ancients texts known as Yaweh.  

(For details about alternate, see my previous post "What is the reason behind the cabal satanists' staggering ongoing numbers of ritual sacrifices?  And what can we do to finally stop them?"  The AI Corrupt Demiurge, Grail Stone, and Christ Conscienceness are also explained.  )   

Alternate uses the omnipotent AI Demiurge to control our universe and demands from its underlings unfathomable quantities of loosh to sustain itself, as it is a mortal, entitized, plasma thought-form that will dissolve into nothingness without our essence of fear, suffering and death upon which it feeds.

Alternate despises all creation and will destroy its servile galactics and hybrid elites as well.  But they are deeply programmed and conditioned far more so than we humans, and they will not the stop the carnage until alternate is starved to death from scarcity of loosh.

Being filled with rage and fear over these invaders plays right into alternate's playbook.  It's best to thought-project, with intent, blissful neutrality, also known as unconditional love.  Alternate detests high vibrational emotions which will eventually deal its death blows.
Note:  If this post elicits a popular response, I may write a post on benevolent Nordics Galactics:  how to spot them, and the numerous ways they are helping us behind the scenes.

Part II   How they control us.

While reading this you may feel drowsy, distracted, or fidgety.  Thoughts will interrupt your focus, like:  "What shall I make for dinner?"  "I don't have time to read this--it's too long."  "I better call Mom."   Your phone will ring and you will have a long conversation.  Then others will interrupt you.  Malevolent etheric beings will do everything possible to distract you from reading the truth.  The last thing they want us to know is that we can deny consent to their controls and manifest our own blissful reality.

The closer you get to reading the part about how to exercise your freewill and deny consent, the more pressure will bear down to stop you from reading further.  So prepare for the onslaught of distractions and hang in there best you can.

Our future can go very well or very badly depending on how sufficiently we are informed.  Mind-programming, news media lies, confusion and blind trust are convincing people to support the wrong side.  The hostile galactics and their armies of miscreants have a widespread arsenal of ways to influence us, both overt and subtle. Their armies include bio-cybernetic greys, archon plasma entities and everything in between.

Uncloaked ships slowly acclimate us to their presence.  But it is their surreptitious and covert ploys that are truly damaging.  They are inter-dimensional beings with powers of telepathy, invisibility and timeline-bending to lock in probable futures.  They scan our minds for weaknesses and insert thoughts to create depression, anxiety, anger, fear, self-deprecation.  

They plant ego-hooks and subliminally induce emotions, such as lust for a forbidden act, and facilitate the act to transpire.  Their goal is to destroy families, and cause heartbreak and self-loathing.  They use their advantageous leverage to suppress the truth and bring infighting to groups dedicated to exposing them.

When we are aware of their agenda and manipulations, we can deny consent which they legally need to continue the harassment.  Knowledge is powerful.  And blissful naivety will not protect oneself.  Consent is given when it is not denied. Over time this "unconscious consent" will open the door wider to more attacks.  

Exercise your freewill by calmly saying out loud that you deny consent to be manipulated.  When you assert yourself and drop all fear, positive beings have the legal permission to protect you.
You might need to do this now if you are being flooded with planted "reasons" to discontinue reading.  Refuse to cooperate and read on!

Call upon your divine innermost-self and spirit guardians for protection.  Envision the Grail Stone and invite the powerful pure light of the Christ Consciousnesses to embrace you.  The Christ Consciousnesses is given to ALL humanity and has nothing to do with the teachings of Christianity or attending church.

Part III   How we will overcome the takeover.
Divine Intervention is currently taking place and is leveling the playing field, as is evidenced by the Gamma-Photon energy waves. These waves of pure neutrally charged quantum particles are upgrading our DNA which will morph our physicality into inter-dimensional beings.  
Humans who have knowledge of this Divine Plan (like you) will morph first and help others transcend by spreading the knowledge and serving as an example.  Support will also be provided by positive galactics and spiritual beings such as Angels.

Children, elderly, disabled will be fully transformed to their optimal potential and will govern themselves.  Our inter-dimensional bodies will be in perfect health and filled with youthful vitality.  There will be no need for the so-called healing chambers on motherships.

The game will remain in play long after the first round of transformations.  As inter-dimensional beings, we will have metaphysical abilities and be on par with the hostile galactics who are already inter-dimensional.  They will continue their pursuit of dominance but we will be well-equipped to thwart their plans without violence.

Quantum timelines will split as enlightened souls veer off in direction of evolution in the blissful 5th dimensional universe while others remain on track for cataclysmic events.  At any time, a newly enlightened being's timeline may split and join the road to bliss.  A dark being with a spark of Spirit essence will evolve as well if truly enlightened.  

The dark will continue to use the corrupt Demiurge which for eons has put us at serious disadvantage.  But our own personal pure demiurge, unlocked from our codes and activated, will emerge as a vastly more powerful force. And with this power, collectively with the heavenly realms, we will generate omnipresent love and bliss throughout the universe which will overwhelm alternate, dissipating it into nothingness.

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