Wednesday, March 2, 2016

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Beware Of The Trojan Horses - March 2, 2016 is a rather unusual preface, with respect to a very important situation. Within this short preface you will find that Neil Keenan has his own thoughts on how things move forward, and although time is moving quickly, he is aware that one wrong move would mess up the entire package.

As Neil says, “I have taken it further than anyone else in history with mostly my own money, my labor and my time (with my team). I guess if anyone is going to make a mistake, it should be me. Not someone else.” Above all, who knows better than Neil? No one!

This includes a rather tame video where Neil thanks the Asian Insider whom Neil names “Lanny”. Yes, Neil thanks Lanny for what is purported to be well-meaning, heartfelt assistance. However, in fact, Neil has been through this many times and knows the ups and downs; while there are many more downs than ups.

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