Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thrive Moment - 33 Murdered Holistic Doctors Update

By Foster Gamble

Six weeks ago I shared critical information with you about 13 holistic doctors that had recently been reported missing or dead.

Since my notification, the number has risen to 33. There’s a covert war being waged against breakthrough healers and exposing it is the first step in stopping it.

Erin Elizabeth, Dr. Joseph Mercola along with Thomas & Candace Bradstreet (brother and sister-in-law of murdered doctor Jeffrey Bradstreet) joined us in the ThriveTogether Think Tank recently to dive deeper into what these murdered holistic doctors knew, the links between them, and what we can do about it.

Take a look at these highlights from the event:

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For more information on this subject please be sure to review the critical information detailed in my previous blog.

Source: http://www.thrivemovement.com/murdered-holistic-doctors-update.blog?source=thrivems