Monday, March 14, 2016

White Hat Dark Hat Blog Update - March 14, 2016

The Bush Faction and Japan 


Japan was largely overlooked by the Dracos due to the fact that the country was demilitarized after WWII.

The Rothschilds began to focus on Japan because they didn't like the Japanese corporate model that helped the working class. They believed that everyone should be debt slaves.

The Bush faction carried out the 1996 sarin gas sub attack using money from the Madagascar drug trade. The Bushes planned and executed the attack but the Rothschilds took credit for it in order to gain a foothold in the collective consciousness of Japan.

This was also meant to serve as a warning that they were planning to attempt to kill off all Asians with disease.

Politically the Rothschilds always had minor influence over Japan but over the last 10 years they were able to completely consolidate power.

Certain political parties in Japan exaggerated the Fukushima disaster in order to launder the relief money to the Bush faction. The Bushes were very desperate for money at this point and were basically being sacrificed by the Rothschild faction.

The Yakuza in Tokyo are White Hats that were trying to stop the flow of crystal meth into the country. The problem is that the drug money that was being produced was going straight to the Bush faction up until the last few months.