Sunday, April 3, 2016

2016 Elections Threatened By A Washington D.C. Insider & Attorney: Threatens To Release Names Of Elite Politicians Who Are Associated with Prostitution Networks

This is one of the best Popcorn Monster stories at this moment.   Mr. Sibley says “I’m hacking at the roots of tyranny, not its branches”. Threatens entire Washington DC Elites and the USA Corporation 2016 Elections! LOL!

My question is: who does he want for President? Agenda? Bar Attorney?

I put together a few snippets and links for your infotainment pleasure. :)

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*************************************************************** is  Montgomery Blair Sibley?

Montgomery Blair Sibley, attorney for the morally impugned and legally challenged, is first and foremost Montgomery Blair Sibley, which is to say a descendant of some of the most powerful families in Washington history. Various relatives served as Lincoln's postmaster, or established Blair House, or governed Maryland or founded the Western Union Telegraph Co., or, before we forget, pretty much created Montgomery County's suburbs (yes, a Silver Spring high school bears his first two names).

Now, because his most prominent client of the moment is an alleged madam who is said to possess the names of 10,000 Washington clients, some of whom are alleged to be high-profile, he is also a busy, busy lawyer.

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The 72 Hour Countdown Has Begun - Imminent Release Of Heavily Censored Records Could Change Course Of 2016 Election And American Politics: 'Hacking At The Roots Of Tyranny, Not Its Branches' 


By Stefan Stanford and Susan Duclos - All News Pipeline 

“I’m hacking at the roots of tyranny, not its branches” former DC Madam Attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley

According to Montgomery Blair Sibley, the former attorney of DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey, an 'election bombshell' is already online and if he fails to reset a 72-hour countdown due to disappearance, death, incarceration or some other reason, the records it holds would become available to the world and possibly, instantly, alter the course of the 2016 election.

While he has been under a gag order since 2007 preventing him from releasing these records, he recently hand delivered a petition to the US Supreme Court to have that gag order lifted as the records of the DC Madam hold direct relevance to the 2016 election he says, and if the Supreme Court DID NOT allow the disclosure, it would appear as if they were taking sides in who sits in the White House in 2017. A link to the Supreme Court filing was recently sent to ANP by Sibley and can be seen in the screenshot below and found via searching for Docket #15a1016 via this link

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D.C. Madam's Attorney Says Election Bombshell Already Online


Montgomery Blair Sibley says a timer controls release of a link to client records 'relevant' to presidential race.

Deborah Jeane Palfrey, left, is pictured with Montgomery Blair Sibley outside the U.S. District Court in Washington on September 7, 2007.
Deborah Jeane Palfrey, left, is pictured with Montgomery Blair Sibley outside the U.S. District Court in Washington on September 7, 2007.

The colorful litigator who represented the late “D.C. madam” Deborah Palfrey and threatened this week to release call logs of his former client that he says are “very relevant” to the 2016 presidential election tells U.S. News those records already are digitized and posted online.

Montgomery Blair Sibley says the records will become public if he fails to reset a 72-hour countdown clock, which could cut short his soft two-week ultimatum for federal courts to consider lifting a 2007 gag order that covers the records, lest he deem that order void.

The countdown clock is a safeguard, Sibley says, that ensures that if he disappears the records will be published. Inevitable release, he says, may also disincentivize violent acts against him to prevent their disclosure.

The records are stored on four servers around the world, Sibley says, and dozens of reporters will receive a website link if the clock is not reset. He says he loaded the information online in January, when he decided to publicly claim the records are relevant to the presidential race.

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