Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Global Settlements & Global Currency Reset Update from OWoN, Fisher, & Dave Schmidt

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Key info for all switched on.

The delay on the big new article is because we are flat out on the big GS right now. We have been at it since 02-00 hrs. Our teams arrived in Seoul and Beijing this morning taking it forward. We are negotiating a colossal Currency and AU deal with China and it opens all recovery possibilities. The Fed will be faced down and it served up them face down. Depending how this goes anything good is possible. The numbers are staggering and the Elders via London acting through us hold the key. This is a Private not Political initiative. It opens all doors. We really are approaching a possible vast epoch resolution. Fronted by men of vision and with a Humanitarian ethos. But no soft touch. Genuine cases we can help but the Bums rush over the Abyss for won’t work trash will follow. Eurasia will deal with the Islamics. Chinese style.

You all have hope as we have bypassed the Political wasters. This is direct. All is changing. Political dogs will only be thrown a bone when we are finished. A whole new order will follow, and Not Theirs or NWO! Cabal trash will be exposed and the Fed, fed to the wolves. Once we show the pics and meetings it will all become clear. No Dreamers in Jakarta skip rat hotels, this is the real deal in the real Halls of Power and City. It’s at least in real and full negotiation now. Game on.Good luck. You have real HOPE now!


Intel Highlights from Last Night's (4-12-16) The Real Truth Call with Fisher

• Has seven phones on his ear as well as internet.

• Chinese Elders not as powerful as they thought they were, arrests continue, politicians get in the way, bankers hold things up, panama papers stirred things up a bit...

• Iraq is done - they have made the announcement in Iraq.

• Right now on Euroclear - all currencies are trading.

• Euroclear is banking and securities clearing firm using the cips system to preclude any hanky-panky.

• Euroclear is telling european investors they're probably getting into these currencies on thursday or friday - means it's gotta happen before they get in.

• Shabibi has taken his seat on the CBI

• Iraq has done what it needed to do for this to go "in-country".

• IR rate x.xx in Iraq.

• Tomorrow the G-20 meets in DC.

• A week ago all wealth managers had a video conference - told the truth about currencies and RV.

• All the problems in this process are the result of tying the RV and the GCR - too many countries, too big a process.

• Bearer checks for ZIM may be good - take them to the bank.

• Better rates at redemption centers than at banks.

• Open a new account - only the wealth manager or private banker can access - not tellers.

• Gerry Maguire, Bruce, and to a degree Ray Ren are honest and knowledgeable. Be careful who you listen to.

• Meeting Monday at white house with Obama, Biden, and Yellin also had several members of Chinese Dragon families present - orchestrating transfer from fiat and the fed to gold and asset backed system.

• Bail-in's for US were taken out of the Dodd-Frank act. This administration would love bail-in's but it was taken away from them.

• The reason there are private exchanges going on now is to keep banking people fresh - they have had all this training and they need to refresh skills to stay competent. ·

Iranian Rial to RI in first basket, RV less than a month later in the second basket.

• All done by the end of the working day on Friday

The Replay number is: 605-562-3149 code 143153#

Bruce's call is at the beginning of this call also.

Fisher on The Real Truth Call - April 12 Fisher starts at 158 minutes


Dave Schmidt Intel Update

Emailed to Dinar Chronicles:

Dave Schmidt saying only private exchanges will have higher rate. The Dragon Family is hybrid Annunaki that is pushing the GCR now. That it's time for disclosure and for the planet to heal from the damage that has been done by cabal. That they are the only ones with enough gold to fund the world. That Iraq cannot pay for all the dinar. That they will not allow the chaos to happen from all these people becoming overnight millionaires. That only those who get the high rates will be given the projects to heal the planet. That Zap is a direct link to the Dragon Family. That anyone guru referring to elders or grandfather is a disinfo agent cause they are called Dragon Family. That Benjamin Fulford report this week about why the emergency meetings in D.C. is absolutely correct. That there is no 800# release for us to exchange.

There was a loud buzzing noise when Dave talked about the Annunaki connections.

So now the problem is that maybe either we can't exchange our currencies at any bank or we'll get a low rate or maybe only dinar will go up and not zim or dong.