Saturday, April 9, 2016

Gobekli Tepe, Ancient & Advanced Technology Presentation with Linda Moulton Howe

Ancient Advanced Technology, Self Activating Machines, Planetary Terraforming, and Anonymously Leaked Top Secret Documents, all this and more set the stage for a UFO mystery that began over 12,000 thousand years ago. Linda Moulton Howe traveled to Turkey to see first hand, dozens of 19 foot tall elegantly carved limestone pillars, erected in a series of circles, covering 30 acres, in a place called “Gobekli Tepe,” a few miles from the northern Syrian border. Carbon dating places the age of these finally crafted pillars at 12,000 years. Beginning in 1994, German Archaeologist Dr. Klaus Schmidt from the University of Heidelberg and the German Archaeological Institute, began slowly and carefully excavating the site which is dated at more than twice the age of Egypt, Sumeria and Stonehenge. Researchers are now speculating that “Gobekli Tepe,” Stonehenge and other erected stone circles, and pyramids, located around the world, could be self-activating machines left behind by non-human intelligence that have terraformed Earth for a millennia. In this program, Emmy Award-winning TV Producer, Investigative Journalist, and Author, Linda Moulton Howe, presents the latest research on “Gabekli Tepe” along with anonymously leaked document from an unknown American Scientist about commercial applications of research from extraterrestrial technology. This is one presentation you don’t want to miss.


Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and his Emmy-award winning guest Coast to Coast AM Investigative Reporter Linda Moulton Howe for an explosive and exclusive Special Report on the shocking mysteries of ET Self Activating Technology and the Alien Connection to the Ancient Stone Circle Site Gobekli Tepe!

Gobekli Tepe
The mysterious Ancient Archaeological site called Gobekli Tepe, in Turkey has been dated to 10,000 B.C. which throws a wildly different light on human history and reveals signs of ET Interference on Earth. Are we Starseeds that advanced extraterrestrial beings placed here to evolve a higher spiritual vision of the universe?

Ancient Alien Technology
In this special episode Dark Journalist and Linda Moulton Howe explore her deep investigation and research visits to Gobekli Tepe to discover the strange ANCIENT ALIEN TECHNOLOGY it may represent and her shocking realizations that the patterns in Sacred Architecture, Crop Circles and Gobekli Tepe are all a part of ET Self Activating Software to raise the global consciousness of humanity!

The Message
Since the powerful ancient site of Gobekli Tepe was buried 12,000 years ago by a race forgotten to history, does the discovery of this ancient marvel in the 21st century signal that a massive paradigm shift is underway? Is humanity being activated to see a higher and deeper vision of reality that includes contact with star civilizations?
Is the cataclysm that destroyed this ancient civilization happening again and is the message of Gobekli Tepe a warning of survival to humanity that planet Earth is on the precipice of massive upheaval and destruction?