Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hope Girl Update - Hope Girl Says M.T. Keshe, Gordon Duff, Kerry Cassidy Are Controlled Opposition Agents To Free Energy

Latest on the Keshe Investigation, Comments on Sterling Allan’s arrest, and an Explanation of Recent Copyright Brawls with the OPPT

In this Monday April 18th 2016 edition of the “No Holding Back” Show with Mel Ve and Hopegirl, we cover the latest reactions from the Keshe Foundation Investigation. Included are Keshe’s numerous pedophile allegations. Plus we cover the latest Keshe trials calling for over 30,000 volunteers to experiment with GANS substances on their bodies through supplements, skin lotion and eye drops.

We discuss comments on Sterling Allan’s arrest and how Keshe is trying to take credit for it. Also it seems the beginnings of an operation to take down the largest public database of free energy information ( is now underway. The cabal anti-free-energy team is revealed with controlled opposition agents Gordon Duff from “Veterans Today” and PR clean up girl Kerry Cassidy found backing the fraud.

Also covered is a recap of the OPPT free money cult fallout and the continuing separation and division of alternative media groups. Recently its turned into a Youtube copyright brawl with OPPT chatroom blog host Lisa M Harrison and her cyber-trolling cronies. Hope explains her business decision behind the OPPT disassociation and more.