Friday, April 15, 2016

Intel Update from John of One World Of Nations Blog - April 14, 2016

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john said on Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 1:46:00 AM MDT

So much dissinfo out on Blogs we see.

Our teams are with key Elders now traveling between Seoul, Taipei, HK and Beijing.

It’s political and sensitive. Key questions such as how can they be paid before any notes or boxes leave, as there is zero trust to allow the US any credit ever again. No one is listening to US Treasury or Fed BS. Today is real world and zero trust for the US. The big questions are – show me how you are paying our and your taxes and paying us before a Dollar or Euro leaves here. No more defaulted credit agreements. Now it’s US mouths bolted to the table before a deal is done. Now the US has to put up before a dollar leaves. No more credit ever! They brought this on themselves being arrogant, cheating, lying, thieving Bastards. Now broke, they are trying to get Funds first which is not happening. Heels are dug in. You want our cash, you bring new money. Hard ball. BS free.

This is the corner these rats are in. Put up! The world is tired of their arrogant games. And of them. This is their last Hurrah. Blow that and it’s over.

Eurasia is emerging. China and Russia now control the Middle East and Africa. Also ever more South America. The US is corralled back into its own orders and broke.

Trust has gone and obfuscating is met with vehemence. Like you pay before a dollar leaves you untrustworthy bastards. Welcome to reality. Or Fed hell. Or they show the door to another Fed whore.

It’s game on, and the US stand as Naked Emperors blustering faced down with hardball in response. No money go home! You pay to play now. A lot of permatans and wigs don’t know what’s hit them. This is their last stand. We are hands on, on site and traveling daily between key Elders cities. We have the key Presidents support and trust. Trust is key to all, and like Virginity, when it’s gone it’s gone. The US lost that 70 years ago. Now it’s all in play,but the Asians say. Very complex procedure discussions are now in play. Gloves are off.

We will advise you all soon on the reality of what is coming. It may come good, but not for the Cabal. Nor for the Fed.