Monday, April 11, 2016

Main Stream Media (MSNBC) Suggests How The Voting Process Is Rigged - April 11, 2016

Published on Apr 11, 2016
Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski call out the Democratic Party for rigging the voting process during the democratic presidential primary elections, leaving millions of voters disenfranchised. They are having none of it!

In the most powerful rebuke by anyone in mainstream media to date, Joe & Mika question why any Democrat would bother voting, especially when their votes essentially do not matter. They use Bernie Sanders's landslide victory in Wyoming this past weekend to illustrate their point:

Sanders won the Wyoming primary by 12%; however, Hillary Clinton was awarded 11 of the 18 delegates from the state, with Sanders receiving the remaining 7. The delegate math gives Clinton a 23% lead in Wyoming, despite the voters preferring Sanders by 12%.

The morning duo from MSNBC question how a party maintains voter disenfranchisement as a major issue and talking point when its very actions are responsible for disenfranchising millions of voters across the nation.

Morning Joe & Mika castigate Democratic Party rigging the primary, leaving voters disenfranchised: