Sunday, April 10, 2016

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | He’s Ba-aaack - April 10, 2016

Just when they thought they had Neil down, he resurfaces with renewed vigor, advising them they will soon be “mincemeat” in the circle of things. Yes, Neil has shaken off the pains created by those who wished to see him leave this planet yesterday!

He has bounced back and with nary a “hello” goes directly for their jugulars! You know, if you knew Neil, he can be the sweetest guy, but rub him the wrong way, and you’ll have a world of problems. Your world becomes a nightmare, and he does not want to hear about taking prisoners at all.

What’s great is that you can now see his intensity level is up where it belongs when he is healthy, and his eyes are sharply focused on what needs to be completed. Believe me, he clearly knows what he now has to do.

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