Saturday, April 2, 2016

Operation Gladio - BBC Documentary exposing NATO Terror Cells

BBC Documentary from 1992 on Gladio remains relevant today

When NATO terrorised it's own people to spread fear of the Soviet Union

by Ian Greenhalgh

This BBC documentary  from 1992 gives a in-depth look at the NATO Operation Gladio with its secret terror cells spread across Europe. Gladio was originally intended as a secret army to combat a Cold War-era Soviet ‘Fifth Column’ in Western Europe. However, it became something rather different and resulted in numerous terrorist incidents such as the horrific bombing of Bologna train station. 

The current situation in Europe where ‘Islamic’ terror cells have been established and bombs are once more exploding amongst civilians going about their daily grind closely mirrors the Gladio situation which lends new relevance to this old documentary. I just wish the BBC still made investigative programmes of this quality.