Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Panama Papers: Retaliation Against Russia For Exposing Western Banks Supporting ISIS


Emailed to Dinar Chronicles:

Greetings Dinarland – I am guessing you are very pleased with the ‘leaked Panama Papers’ as you should be. This is astounding evidence is it not? Yes it is. Is there something missing in the Panama Papers? This information only paints ½ of the picture, does it not?. Do you not see it as only ½ the canvas? I believe many of you are asking where’s the info on the “bad guys” in the western world are you not? Where is the information regarding the corruption in the US? In Europe? Hmmmm. Why is this information not part of the public display?

That answer lies in an often used Tsung Tsu quote, “All warfare is based upon deception.” Have you forgotten about the vast war that is ongoing? The dark is lashing out where ever it can in its final hours. This is a prime example.

This information is a CIA leak through a known CIA front, Suddeutsche Zeitung (SZ). SZ was established in Munich on 6 October 1945, five months after the end of World War II in Germany. SZ was the first newspaper to receive a license from the U.S. military administration of Bavaria. Amazingly the 1st issue of the paper hit the newsstand on the same day as its founding, 6 October 1945.

The Panama Papers leak began, according to ICIJ director Ryle, in late 2014, when a still unknown source reached out to the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung, which had reported previously on a smaller leak of Mossack Fonseca files to German government regulators. A Suddeutsche Zeitung reporter named Bastian Obermayer says that the source contacted him via encrypted chat, offering some sort of data intended “to make these crimes public.” But the source warned that his or her “life is in danger,” was only willing to communicate via encrypted channels, and refused to meet in person.

Wouldn’t you wonder why these conditions? If your life was “in danger” wouldn’t you seek help? Wouldn’t the paper offer help? Offer security and anonymity? Yes the dark is cunning. I am wondering if Mr. Obermayer and director Ryle are shills or innocent tools in the bigger game?

Where are the secret accounts of The US politicians and US corporations? The European politicians and corporations? Did you notice that the only profile western leaders in the "leak" are Ian Cameron, the now deceased father of British Prime Minister David Cameron and a few other former MPs & Tory leaders? Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, the Prime Minister of Iceland, who went against the banking cabal by throwing the Rothschild bankers out of Iceland. The leaders of Russia, China, and Syria also tied in.

This "leak" is payback for Russia exposing the western banks for the funding of ISIS and for the Icelandic PM. Did the CIA "leak" all the financial dealings of these leaders, just enough to attempt to force them back in line?

Rest assured weary travelers, it is well known in the circles of the earth bound Light workers that nearly all US Politicians were allowed to exchange via Presidential Stipend in 2013. Team Light has all the information as to the names, dates, times, banks of exchange, names of the bank officers that made the exchanges, and where, (mostly offshore) the exchange proceeds were sent. And that information is but a molecule of ice on the tip of that iceberg.

Light shall be shed on all corruption, East and West. This is the only way to exercise this corruption out of the fabric of our global society and collective human mindset. You will know the truth and it will set you free. Just realize that coming into this Truth all at once would be overwhelming for almost all. The truth you are owed will come to you in its due time. Until then, stay steady on your course and keep your focus on Victory of the Light!