Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Simon Parkes Audio Update - April 5, 2016


Please listen to the 1:56-hour Q&A here at Studio9Jam. I have some notes but they are not comprehensive.

  • Certain elements of Elite families called for extraordinary Council meeting in May, to be held in Britain, to push for some dramatic action this year
  • Governor of Bank of England says this year "the boomerang will return", referring to boomerang recession; they are intending to engineer crash in housing market in Western world in order to buy up properties ie. real wealth
  • 10/12 and 4/10 dates covertly hidden in TV shows and movies ~ do they have anything to do with Passover 2017? Yes, just like Olympics logo spelt “Zion” (2012)
  • Does the double 7 symmetery in Simon's email mean anything? That's Simon's birthdate (7 September) but from Reptilian perspective, 6 is number for“gods”, 7 is for “male” and 8 is for “female”; September is “septem” which is 7 in Latin; also “Simon” adds up to 7, “Parkes” adds up to 7
  • Reptilians have incarnated here in an effort to change their direction; what each Soul does in his or her lifetime energetically influences other realms
  • Is it possible to contact Star Family to mentor us? Mentoring is good idea, but you need to ask your own Soul if the “mentor” is positive for you as well as Humanity, without being subservient or giving Sovereignty away since they are millions of years ahead of us.

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