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The Coming Shift to the Esoteric - A Major Update by Preston James

By Preston James, Ph.D on April 8, 2016

Vatican insiders are watching the heavens and awaiting for the arrival of an important Alien ET guest they expect to appear soon. When this occurs they plan to openly disclose to the World, creating a shift in mindset from the mundane to the esoteric. This disclosure by the Vatican is expected to help it maintain dominion over its Worldwide Kingdom.

by Preston James

Editor’s note:  VT has chosen not to shy away from VT issues for a variety of reasons.  Anyone who follows events and believes they are driven by the simple criminal cabals that control most governments, assuming these cabals serve their members need for financial gain or political power is naive.  VT is ready to announce the introduction of defense technologies tied to alien technology, not a surprise to anyone anymore.  What I can say, and there are clear limits to what I can say, is that much of what you see below comes up behind closed doors at the “highest levels.”  Of course those who think they are “the highest levels” are not even kidding themselves, they know better.  They don’t run anything at all and simply want to know how much time they have.
[ Note: This article builds on past articles on this subject of the disclosure of the reality and presence Alien ETs and their anti-gravity craft; our back-engineering and manufacturing of recovered alien anti-gravity vehicles; and secret agreements with Alien ETs.
For those who aren’t up to speed on the claims made about these issues, reading this article is likely a waste of time and it will be difficult to fit this information into their heads. Those short of time can read the bold print and pass over the rest, and then finish with the last few paragraphs of the conclusion. For those who want to read it all, one option is to read this article in smaller more manageable parts.
Many thanks to my sources, some still living but most passed. None of the novel information included is associated with Veterans Today or its Directors or Editors in any way. This article is written for the Intel community, active and retired, and is an attempt to make the previously forbidden open source public knowledge. Because VT has a policy and a commitment to being open-source, it is being provided to any and all who have an interest with no limitations or vetting. And the top Directors of VT must be commended for allowing this kind of article, which really pushes a number of limits to the max.
I do not enjoy writing this type of article for a number of reasons not appropriate to be discussed here. But I feel an obligation to get this information out so that the reader can evaluate the evidence and the claims, and then personally decide what makes the most sense to all this. Nobody would ever want to believe anything in this article is true, I certainly do not wish any of it to be true, but hard as I try to deny the available facts, I continue to realize that they do lead to disturbing possibilities and conclusions no one want really wants to allow themselves to believe. I wish it were different, but there are some grim realities here to deal with, and despite how overwhelming they may seem, we have effective means available to deal with all this as a people. Ending the cover-up and the denial by learning the truth is the first step in in this process that needs to take place, before we all lose everything we have ever worked for. ]
The Esoteric is defined as that view of reality, existence and purpose that has been designed for and understood by a specially initiated secret group alone; that requires or exhibits knowledge that is restricted to this small group and is difficult for those outside this group to understand.

If information that has leaked out is accurate (and I believe it is), in the not too distant future, remarkable disclosures about Alien ET visitors will be forthcoming and the public perspective will shift from the Establishment’s defined and distributed fake belief system, to an esoteric view of reality.

Normally the esoteric view of what man is and how he must be viewed and treated by the leaders of the Hierarchy that runs most everything in our society is discussed only in certain “high circles” of the Establishment.

That is, such secret matters are usually only discussed among the Select Few who sit at the top of the Hierarchy and run it and their close associates who have been initiated into the secrets of their rule and power, the Mystery Religions, but most realistically described as pure Luciferianism or Satanism.
President John Kennedy warned about the dangers that secret societies pose for the USA and its citizens.

From all indications so far, these coming disclosures will involve the top Clericals at the Vatican and will occur through the Catholic Church itself publicly.

As these mind-bending disclosures occur, reality as most know it will be shattered and a new esoteric based reality will be shoved into place and will dominate the public mass-mind and will change everything as we know it.

This new esoteric reality will be quite divergent from the Establishment Reality that has been comprised of big lies, false-narratives and covert propaganda to keep the masses in line on behalf of and to benefit the Establishment.

George Carlin was a brilliant comedian who dispensed truth to expose the criminal absurdities and the extreme control mandated by the Establishment Hierarchy. He died soon after he commented about the official 9-11-01 narrative and the hegemony of the Establishment. Some believe the death of this comedic genius was more than pure coincidence. The only other comedian to hit the Establishment as hard as George Carlin was Bill Hicks and both died under somewhat mysterious, suspicious circumstances. Bill Hicks unloaded on the absurdities and crimes of the Federal Reserve System on the Comedy Channel in perhaps his greatest appearance ever, and soon got an incurable case of cancer. I saw this amazing performance and I could not believe my eyes and ears. No one has ever unloaded like Hicks did on the FRS, but his performance is now excised and not available. I wonder why.

Yes, the new esoteric reality will crush and then dissipate the old reality which was served up to the masses ever since the mid 1700’s by the “Bloodline” Bankster class who provided the might to run the Establishment Hierarchy.

But sadly, the new esoteric reality provided to the masses by the Vatican will be distinctly different and likely also false.

A new false-reality will be substituted for the old one, but it will be based on some new, verifiable truths.

And the new reality will be highly esoteric, that is, a reality that was typically provided only to higher members of the Establishment Hierarchy.

As far as can be determined right now, there are some exceptions, but most initiates to the Hierarchy must have “bloodline” genetics; that is must be linked to ancient Khazarian Blood, which also carries some genetic material from the Ancient Babylonians or Canaanites (Kenites, also known as the Synagogue of Satan).

Some insiders have claimed that the top Hierarchy members have Nephilim or blood from ancient Fallen Ones, so-called Luciferian reptilian males who bred with earth women to produce giants called “Gebers”.

Gebers have been reported to have red hair, a height between 12 and 16 feet or more, two sets of teeth one in front of the other, and six fingers and toes.There are  numerous sets of recovered Geber skeletons, many with red hair that have been recovered and taken to be secretly stored in a non-public locked area of the Smithsonian Institute.

Some Christian historians believe that the Biblical account of David and Goliath was true and Goliath was a Geber, a giant son of a Nephilim.

Numerous recent disclosures are beginning to provide wide support for many of David Icke’s claims. Looks like all the accusations and smears against him were misguided. Despite how incredulous his claims have been, as time goes on more and more evidence emerges to support them. All the trolls and sock-puppets that have been calling him a nutcase need to wake up and stop supporting the Hierarchy which is committed to their demise too, along with everyone else but themselves.

Even stranger there are some Christian historians who believe that the Biblical Account in Genesis of the Fall of man involves the sin of Adam and Eve be seduced by the reptile (great dragon) Lucifer instead of just taking a bite of the apple.

These historians believe that the term “beguiled” (as used in the KJV) is better translated as “seduced”.

According to the Genesis 3 account both Adam and Eve “ate the forbidden fruit” and were beguiled by the serpent (Lucifer) and were injected with the corrupted DNA of the Fallen one, Lucifer, the shape-shifting reptile than can change his appearance to ordinary human or other appearances.
In years past David Icke was the first to speak out about this alleged infiltration of shape shifting reptilian genes into the Royal bloodlines and most thought he was just talking crazy.

Others accused him of being a secret Zionist because he didn’t address Zionism. In recent years David Icke has quenched those claims by being the first famous public speaker to ever publicly expose Zionism for all that it is.

Michael Salla, Ph.D. A man with impeccable academic credentials who has the website Known to be sensible and balanced in his presentations, books and articles, Dr. Salla is no lightweight and has obtained recent information from a former Naval Intel man who claims there was a working relationship between some Nazi scientists and Alien ETs described as Reptilians.

This took great courage and David Icke has now proved himself as a great hero and a strong anti-Zionist after all.

Surprisingly, despite all the rampant corruption in the UK and the fact that all governmental agencies are run by High Freemasons who twist the law to conform to the Hierarchy’s needs, David Icke has some powerful friends in very high places that protect him and want his discoveries told.
As time has gone on, many of his claims have been substantiated by reliable witnesses. One is the world’s top muckraker, the accomplished and well connected New Zealand Architect Greg Hallett who is now living in exile because of so many murder attempts against him and who has an astounding history and story to tell.

I don’t agree with all of Greg Hallett’s conclusions about Christianity, but he has uncovered more secrets than anyone else about the Royals and the Hierarchy roots based in the City of London, the survival of Hitler and his exit provided by Ian Fleming on behalf of the City of London, and the endemic total corruption of the whole government of New Zealand.

Undoubtedly Greg Hallett is the world’s top expert and historian of the lineage of the Royals and their secret history. He has had an inside track into high UK Intel sources, who apparently want him to publicly disclose secrets that have been previously completely forbidden.

Like David Icke, and despite the fact Greg Hallett has been seriously harassed and sanctioned to the limit, he does have some friends in high places who continue to provide some high level Intel to him, and so far are protecting his life. Obviously, someone high up wants his discoveries told and even published.

SAUSSEY1But the account gets even stranger when some of these historians claim that Eve had fraternal (not identical) twin sons, Cain and Abel. With Cain sired by Lucifer and Abel sired by Adam.
The Cain bloodline supposedly went on to become the Canaanites, Kenites and finally the Khazarians in the area now approximately the Ukraine. Some refer to this group as the “Synagogue of Satan” bloodline.

Whenever you see the “double cross” which is a one cross superimposed over another one rotated 45 degree, you have the Mark of Cain. You will find this secret symbol of Babylonian Talmudic power displayed on many USG and state government building and window inserts.

This display of the Mark of Cain is the claiming of Cain’s authority to use evil to rule over fallen, evil humans. this deployment of Cain authority is the secret deployment of evil in any extreme necessary in order to maintain power.

It is characterized by a commitment to provoke the vulnerable by use of deployed unfairness and unjustness.

In this way these folks are duped to fall into a legal system trap where they can be proactively punished before they can organize and become a serious threat to Establishment hegemony, that is to the Select Few and the Hierarchy’s authority and power.

They have absolutely no ancient Hebrew blood in them, despite the fact many migrated to Israel, where they form the majority and pretend to have Hebrew Blood, when 97.5% are Khazarians converts to Judaism, mostly Babylonian Talmudism as in Baal worship, Nimrod, and the Synagogue of Satan (although not Torah Judaism, which is radically different and based only upon the Old Testament).

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