Friday, May 13, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure Season 4 - Episode 10: The Earth Alliance - Summary and Analysis


The Cabal or powers that be, the hidden hand of influence in our world, is common knowledge within awakening circles. In opposition to this criminal network is what has been called the Earth Alliance.

Goode describes in this episode that the Cabal has made many enemies over the years, who have formed a loose framework of cooperation, focused on ending the Cabal's reign of terror. As Goode has described in the past, these groups range from small militias, nations-states, militaries, dynastic families, and so on. What unites them is their desire to stop the Cabal, but from there, division and infighting are commonplace. 
The Cabal is made up of a similar network of separate groups united under the common banner of enslaving humanity. These groups are constantly fighting each other to position themselves at the top of the command structure. Open conflict between groups has erupted in the past, and contrary to popular belief, the Cabal is not a singular entity or organization. About the only thing they do agree on is that humanity must be suppressed to ensure their illusory power is maintained. The fact that the Cabal can achieve so much despite being comprised of many different competing groups should emphasize the power and importance of unity in diversity.

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