Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fractal Universe – Understanding the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio (SITSSHOW)

Fractal Universe | Proof of Consciousness and a Creator, the Dreamer within the Dream – Understanding the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio 


by Justin Deschamps

How do we know that the universe has laws? Because everywhere we see organization, we see patterns.

How do we know that the universe is based on consciousness? Because before there can be a manifested result, there must be a mind or consciousness to envision it. Before there can be an object there must be an observer. And therefore, before there was a creation there was a mind to imagine it.

How do we know that free will exists? Because in a universe founded on free will, rules or law provide a way for each individual to express themselves fully. The fact that novelty or uniqueness exists everywhere, that the universe is a diverse unity, is proof that free will reaches it's highest expression through recognition of, and harmonization with, divine law.

When one chooses to honor and acknowledge the rules of the universe, they are empowered to express themselves fully, they become fractal representations of the universe. This is what is described as sovereignty status in law, one who has gained self-knowledge and as a result gained self-mastery. Once this state of consciousness has been developed, one ceases to feel oppressed by the rules of the universe, and now finds freedom in them. Hence, all true law and morality will lead to ever expanding states of liberation.

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