Thursday, May 19, 2016

HopeGirl Update - QEG 2016 Major Update!

QEG 2016 Major Update! Where we are at with the QEG Project.
May 19, 2016 by Hopegirl

Trust me, you do not want to miss this major update!  We’ve had a lot of big things happening with the QEG project in the last few months, a lot of which we were not able to talk freely about…. until now. For the last ten months we’ve had to sort of “lay low” to ensure the safety of our family. Now that we are all together again in Morocco, and out of danger, we are finally able to safely tell everyone exactly what’s been going on with the QEG project… and A LOT HAS HAPPENED.

In this report I  clarify all the QEG energy milestones in layman’s terms so that everyone can understand how we have demonstrated over unity, proven that we can convert the power, and explain how we will get the QEG to self running so that all QEG’s will come online at once all over the world.

I’m also disclosing some pretty heavy attempts of sabotage that we’ve had from the opposition as the QEG is the most heavily attacked free energy project on the planet, so we are naming names and showing screen shots.

This device is YOUR device. It belongs to the people, and it’s the closest we’ve ever been to having free energy accessible to everyone. We know you’ll want to inform yourself with the information in this video, as we are about to make history together.

The QEG has MORE POTENTIAL than any other energy project.

There is NO OTHER ENERGY PROJECT in existence that is like the QEG.

The QEG is open sourced, co-developed, grassroots, accessible to the average person and scaled large enough to power a home. It is truly THE PEOPLE’S free energy device and it has the ability to change everything.

The nature of the QEG project makes it one of the biggest threats to the oil industry. Because of this we receive more controlled opposition and suppression attacks than any other free energy device on the planet. The QEG is the highest targeted and most heavily trolled free energy project online.

This is because the QEG is the closest we’ve ever been to having free energy available to everyone.

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