Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Letter to Yosef from Coretta

Received via Email ......
Letter to Yoseph -

Before we depart this chapter, and cross the threshold into our next expansive testing & deepening journey - as stewards of God's Promise for humanity, this beautiful Earth, and all it's myriad inhabitants - I want to offer you a message in response to all your gifts.

We have been wandering in this trial-by-fire desert-kiln for many years, and now stand at the crest of the hill looking down at Canaan. A return to Eden awaits for all, and we are charged with the privilege of entering so that we may cast off our heavy burdens, and then refreshed & revitalized, go forth to joyfully usher all of Earth's wanderers home...

Our lives have groomed us all to be bridgers of contribution into a wide array of sub-communities. The seeds we each plant will bloom into a lush garden that will then cast it's own seeds into the wind - carried far & wide, with no one or nothing left out. All One.

As we move through this eye-of-the-needle consciousness upgrade that is the wind-in-the-sails of this great & long-prophesized transition (with the densest heaviest energies now at last rising w us, thank every angel in every dimension, including those here on Earth!), we will let the tight needle-eye opening be a catchment for any & all low-grade energies we've been clinging too. Lower emotions & thinking, all surrendered and let go in this birthing process. Every last arising thought/emotion from the old dying world, released-w-gratitude-for-the-lessons to the Atman...to be neutralized into the brilliant Love & Light of God's perfect unfolding Plan.

This currency game started for many as a desperate relief vehicle. With the elevating rates, it has moved through stages into a continual limitless field of giving, which many can now see they were groomed their whole lives for. Past a certain elevation in rates, all need for preserving/protecting/growing funds became a moot point, and explosion into HAVING to let go of anything petty or self-focused became required to be a clean funnel for the bounty of sovereign funds. Each of us is a sovereign being, beholden only to our Creator's will, and the evolution of this GCR and our place in it is now more about returning to our full birthright as children of God. ALL of us. 

My continual testing & suffering now all makes sense. The growth, love & compassion that arose from harsh lessons has always been honored, but I now have even greater understanding that all of it was REQUIRED to be able to fulfill my next philanthropic mission. Time to muster all Jedi Force, Luke, and bring this baby home! The coming back into light & abundance & awareness that we were all born for.

When you speak of money no longer being needed at some upcoming point, we know that as the stress of a false existence lifts it's dust from our eyes & hearts, we as a unified human organism will eventually reclaim our birthright as co-creators & manifestors-with-ease of our intent. Natural human skills that will re-emerge as we re-open our collective hearts, and stay centered in the remembrance that all gifts come from God.

So, in essence, this is the last money will be deified from us, as we now move the focus upon money & clamoring for it to the back burner, and bring to the fore what mattered all along - love & respect & service to all of God's Unfathomably GLORIOUS Creation. As we take away other's burden of scarcity, and offer a loving hand up, we can all begin to bloom again in showcasing our unique creative talents & contributory inspirations.

I wanted you to know how deeply grateful I am for you coming into the fray and holding the torch high & bright in reminding us why we are all here. Your BEING that reminder has touched my life forever, and I'm sure many many others, in the perfect way they needed to be touched. Your consistent frequency is a lightning rod for me to contain the multitude of turbulence afoot as we collectively cross this threshold. Your influence will be felt in every life I touch & project I initiate. I basically wanted to convey to you that your work here has been a success, and whatever you intentionally or subliminally wanted to convey, has been transferred. I gratefully thank you for being a conduit for the Divine Presence to bathe so many of us w calm clear certainty, and Remembrance...

May that Sacred Presence of God flow through us all as we go forth to touch & revivify the lives of the world. And Yoseph, if you ever talk to Grandfather, will you please tell him Thank You, from all of us.