Thursday, May 5, 2016

Notes From Cobra's Ascension Conference in Switzerland

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Below is the notes from the Cobra's Ascension Conference in Switzerland on 17th April 2016.

Please note that this is the interpretation of the person who wrote this notes. They are NOT exact words from Cobra.

Japanese translation of this notes has been also created.


- We are now helping to achieve the final victory of the light. This conference is the first step towards The Event.
- Actually The Event has started already (note: I think Cobra actually meant that we are now at the pre-Event stage).
- Now we are at what most people called the New Age. We are still at the stage of cleansing our negativity.
- The Light Forces always have plan to liberate the planet Earth.
-  There are a lot of disinformation on the internet. This conference aims to clarify many of these.
- The first thing we need to do now is to un-educate ourselves of the known learning process.
- We entered the quarantine Earth voluntarily, in order to help transforming the Earth and speeding up the planetary liberation.
- Before incarnation, everyone will be implanted (by the Archon) and as a result losing connection with The Divine Source. We also need to sign a contract with the Dark Forces.
- When we were born, we lost all of the memory of our past lives due to the implants. We also inherited the emotions and thoughts of our parents.
- We all come from different star systems. However, human can only see a very limited range of frequency.
- Cobra flew in a MiG-29 to cross the Veil boundary in February 2014, and embraced by a tachyon bath, a rain of rainbow colored superluminal particles that penetrate the body energy field. [See]
- We are all representatives of the Light Forces.

- One day, certain energy within everyone's body will suddenly be awaken, other hidden abilities will also be awakened after a short period of time.

- Some people will doubt about themselves. If we allow ourselves to fulfill our potentials, The Event could have happened as early as 1996.

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