Wednesday, May 11, 2016

OWON Blog Update - Empire of Vanities - May 11, 2016

This failing Empire of Vanities is walking the lonely road to Armageddon.

Was ever Regime Change needed more at home?
So much good is possible.

One World of Nations
Road to Armageddon
11 May 2016

This is a two Stage Article. Both the problems and solutions. Better Leaders need to emerge. Within us all, is unlimited potential if unleashed for good. First, please do understand, and allow for the new readers, that whilst part one readdresses old ground of just how bad things are, it details why we must say no more and keep facing them down. Part two gives you the upside and many cases where we can start to change it all. How we should and need to change Leadership to focus on real humanity. From this wonderful world, enriched with so many good people and the rapture of nations, the love of animals, and the reward of simply belonging to a community of beings and nations, we need to build our lives around remembering always our humanity. Good values, and good people. They walk among us. Stay humble, be kind and be at one with nature. Our life here is short, make it count with real values. The quality of good people overall, in most countries, is high. We will show you the possibilities open to us. First the detailed examples of causes, then so many options, and also those for you to add in your own comments with live debate to follow once you log into the comments section. Your views matter. As do all your contributions.

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