Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Secret Space Program Update: William Tompkins on Rense Radio

Rense Radio Interview with William Tompkins and Maj. George Filer & Frank Chille - March 23, 2016 

Tompkins has finally broken the silence and validated many aspects of ...Tompkins: Yeah, you're right. This facility had the money to study everything. There was no subject that was prohibited. They weren't just looking at space science or astronomy, or even vehicles or astronauts. They were looking at EVERYTHING. Many sub-labs were actually studying the same subject. Up to as many as three or four labs studying the same subject totally independent.

Now, for whatever reason, they took this guy, Bill Tompkins, they gave him a secretary and office, which was with glass windows that were floor to ceiling and carpeting and futuristic furniture. I mean, it's unbelievable.

Anyway, what I was suppose to do is to go to these different labs and hear what their programs were and let the people that were doing that study on that particular area tell me what they thought they should be doing and I was a consultant to the group.

Rense: Hey, Bill, excuse me. Can you give me an idea of one or two of these independent labs? And you say there were dozens and dozens of them. But what are some of the eclectic things that they were working on?

Tompkins: Well, there were the tunnel people. And, essentially, as many of you know, the Earth is filled with massive caverns all over the planet.

Rense: And tunnels connecting them.

Tompkins: And then they have this tunnel system that connects them. So in that particular program it was an Air Force study which was then implemented by TRW. And so, yes, we talked to Air Force people – not just the people that were doing the study at TRW. And we find that the Air Force had built these block-long digger machines, whatever you want to call them, to bore holes.

Rense: Teleboring machines.

Tompkins: And so they would be a block long. They would have a crew of 30 to 40, and they would drill through rock at a programmed rate and make new tunnels. And then they would put railroad tracks on them and __ these fairly high-speed vehicles that would run from the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. to the Air Force facility out on the desert and then up to the launching areas in California for the missile launches.

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