Friday, May 27, 2016


 Investigation Deepens, May 28th

We cordially invite YOU to join us in the first George Kavassilas Rise event of 2016. George has agreed to share his latest updates and perceptions of what is really going on behind the scenes with the Rise Community and friends. He will share in depth current wisdom for those ready to break through the lies and deceptions of the artificial construct and re-claim their sovereign destiny.

In this live video presentation with audience Q&A, George will articulate with his unique clarity and discernment the realities we face amidst the mountain of conflicting info muck we are immersed in. George is always about stimulating us to Rise, face what is really going on, pull the veil off and realize our infinite potential. His truth opens gateways to help us integrate and move towards greater embodiment of our authentic lives. George is like no other person out there at this time.

A myriad of Seductions are varying to grab our awareness and divide us right now. It is challenging to say the least to stay the course, be centered, clear, aligned positive pro-active, vulnerable true and connected. No small task with everything hitting us. The mixture of truth and lies has formed a thick murky soup that many truth seekers are inadvertently stewing within.

We are super excited for us all to dive deep into new territory and ground into his information and presence. It is sure to be an upbeat, rich sharing and healing time for us all. This is going to be an energetic upgrade of frequency for those ready to pull off their next layers. We encourage you to make your own personal list of questions for the event.

Here are some of the topics we will dive into along side your concerns. Truth or fiction:
  • Pole shift
  • Secret space program developments
  • Flat Earth theory
  • Nibiru, what is really going on
  • Inner Earth
  • Ascension deception
  • How can we hold with our Mother Planet for the best possible outcome
  • How do we take the steps to completion now
  • Is the Earth stalled in her Ascension process and what can we do to help
  • How can we each break out of our enslavement to the Artificial construct
  • What is going on behind the scenes that is crucial for us to know