Sunday, May 22, 2016

US man to buy Boeing and skyscraper to recreate 9/11

Kudos to Mr Salo, this is the kind of spirit we need to see more of.

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If this guy can pull this off, it will be a major boost towards waking up those who still don’t get it that an aluminium airplane cannot damage a steel and concrete building to any great degree and the government version of 9-11 is preposterous.

An American citizen Paul Salo wants to recreate the 9/11 to dispel myths of the terror act.

Paul Salo intends to purchase an airplane and a skyscraper to recreate the act of terror which happened 15 years ago.

He will buy a Boeing 747 with a black box on board, fuel it and direct at an abandoned building.
The businessman is ready to spend 1.5m dollars. The show will pay for itself in case he manages to sell the tickets. A seat in the first row will cost 5,000 dollars.

According to the American special services, Al-Qaeda hijacked passenger airplanes on 11 September 2001 and directed them at the skyscrapers and Pentagon buildings. As a result, the tragedy killed over 3,000 people. Five people are charged with the terror act organization.

The Congress revealed results of its investigation, where it’s noted that the Bushes clan communicated quite closely with the Saudi Arabian citizens, who are suspected of involvement in the crime.