Friday, June 24, 2016

BREXIT Live Results & Financial Market Reset

UK referendum live results

(CNN)Tension is rising in the United Kingdom as vote counters release the results of a historic referendum which will decide if the UK leaves the European Union.
  • With 60% of 382 voting areas now counted, the "Leave" vote is ahead
  • Asian markets fall as investors become jittery about a possible exit from the EU
  • Pound falls 11%, and stumbles every time a result comes back as "Leave"
  • UK financial firms that trade in Hong Kong taking a hit: HSBC, Standard Chartered

Last updated 4:52 AM BST
Total results to date
Remain 48.42%
Leave 51.58%
319 / 382 districts reporting

11:37 pm
Markets jolted by Brexit vote
Global markets were shaken to their core early Friday morning as the running total of votes in the Brexit referendum put the “leave” campaign in the lead.

The Brexiteers were ahead with 51.5% of the votes versus 48.5% for the “remain” side, with 289 out of 382 counting areas having declared results, according to the Sky News results tracker.

Here are some of the biggest market moves:

- The pound slid below $1.35 for the first time since 1985

- Futures for the FTSE 100 sank 7.5% to 5,810

- Futures for U.S. stocks were also sharply lower, with those for the Dow Jones Industrial Average down 487 points, or 2.7%, at 17,425

- The yen rallied past 100 per dollar

- Gold  jumped 4.3% to $1,317 an ounce

- Crude oil slumped 5.1% to $47.54 a barrel

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