Wednesday, June 22, 2016

COBRA Update - Ascension Conference Notes (All Five Parts) - Updated June 22, 2016

Notes taken by Antares during the conference and edited by Nova Biscotti and Cobra


Link to Part 1 (English): ascension-conference-notes-pt-1-glarus-switzerland-april-16-17-2016/
Link to Part 2 (English): ascension-conference-notes-pt-2-glarus-switzerland-april-16-17-2016/
Link to Part 3 (English): ascension-conference-notes-pt-3-glarus-switzerland-april-16-17-2016/
Link to Part 4 (English): ascension-conference-notes-pt-4-glarus-switzerland-april-16-17-2016/
Link to Part 5 (English): ascension-conference-notes-pt-5-glarus-switzerland-april-16-17-2016/