Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Secret NORAD Runic Files Released by Disclosure Advocate Victor Vigianni - June 28, 2016

Third Update - June 30, 2016:  Scribd is Censoring This Document.  I have not received any notifications from Scribd that they have removed this document.  In fact when I sign into my Scribd account it shows up and is accessible.  When I sign out and try to view it from the public side, it says "This document has been removed from Scribd."  I have not removed this document and apparently Scribd and corrupted agencies are stopping the global community from your right to know the truth.  You can use this link to download the NORAD documents provided by Victor Vigianni at this link here ..... http://www.filedropper.com/secretnoradrunicfiles-victorvigianni

Second Update 8:00pm - June 28, 2016:  ZLAND has provided me with the secret NORAD files to be shared publicly with the global community.  Please feel free to distribute and share to help move forward the #Disclosure movement.  The people of this world have the right to know the TRUTH!  Thank you to Victor for standing up against the threats and corruption made by criminal governments and agencies.

I have composed the secret NORAD Runic documents released by Victor into an easily accessible and sharable file.  See below for the direct link.

Direct link is https://www.scribd.com/doc/316988582/Secret-NORAD-Runic-Files-Victor-Vigianni



First Update 6:41pm - June 28, 2016: I have contacted the appropriate source to review and possibly help get the truth out into the public domain in regards to the Secret NORAD files put out by Mr. Victor Vigianni.  I am waiting for a response from ZLAND to see if this is possible.  I will be updating the blog as I get word on how to help Victor and the #Disclosure movement.  Thank you to Star Tsar for reporting this new development ~enerchi



Victor Vigianni - News Director ZlandCommunications

“Any distribution of this kind of information” Viggiani quotes from the document, “threatens National Security in addition to the Espionage Act of the United States.”