Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sophia Love Blog Update - As we shift - more on the prophecy

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On 6.6.16 this was received (these words are not my own). They refer to three earlier posts, found here.
* It is I.  It is One.
Hello.  There are things, statements to be transmitted.  I will transmit them now.

These things to be said cover many topics.  Topics not usually covered in our transmission conversations.  Please relay the words as you hear them without interpretation or alteration.

You have begun now a process of preparation and change.  Preparation for what will be massive physical upheavals on your Gaia and change that is occurring within the physical vehicle you walk around in.

As both proceed you will find at times they appear to conflict and combat each other even. I tell you they do not.  The methods of preparation a “planet being” exhibits appear and are massive in comparison to that of the human occupying her.  Yet, the size ratio is the reason and nothing more.

In order for your body to inhabit and at the same time allow the occupation of faster frequencies it has to be modified.  This is done “behind closed doors”, as in, inside your body.

If men and women of science were watching closely your physiology at an atomic level, they would see a morphing and a host of different “anomalies” that occur now for every earthling.

It is the same for Gaia – your mother Earth.  These frequencies have to be maintained and moved with.  The energy present on the planet has been one of dense and dark mud-like consistency.

Oh, your workers for the light have kept it from total blackness.  Yet in order for light to predominate a permanent “fix” is in order.

You may relate it to the process by which a snake sheds its skin.  In order for growth and the new to emerge – the old must be discarded.  Gaia is shedding the old – that which does not function/work with the new.

Rest assured, the new is coming and it is coming quickly.  There are reports of “throwing off the predictions”.  This is not meant as a retraction but as truly an acceleration.

The New Earth is coming.  What the power of human intent and revolution and awareness has done is speed up its emergence.  This skin must be shed.

Be clear on what it is you will need to function throughout this shedding – physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  The shame of this would be real for these words to be heard and not comprehended as real – not heeded.

A decision is being made by each human now as to how to proceed through the changes.  This decision can be an informed one.  Listen; not only to these words but to all spoken now.

It is in the discerning and believing where intent is birthed. Conscious intent is what heralds this new earth.

It will be led by light and carried forth or through with love and clarity – honesty and deep, deep awareness.

Those in the population who are waking up now are not afforded the same length of “time” so many of you have had to fully comprehend and appreciate what is happening and what it signifies for all of you.

What they do have, which you did not, is a base of fellow humans in the know who offer associative memories and information to validate what is new to them – what they are learning only now.

It is suggested that the light workers bring patience to the table as your role changes from one uncovering and revealing the truth to that of validation and a calm supportive base for those.

It is not important who has been correct or who has been ridiculed or mistaken.  What becomes clear and quickly is your common purpose.  What you share as beings is so much greater in proportion to where you differ in opinion.  This common goal becomes very apparent when the ground all of you walk on is felt at once to shift.

There is to be assistance.  Trust and know that although you are not witnessing the internal shifting you too are undergoing – you are feeling it and it is real.  Physical symptoms are all signs.  Listen to your body and allow for a gentle transformation.  With love so much healing is possible.

You have come now to see Gaia through her physical shift while undergoing your own.  All of this is upon you right now.  These are not words of alarm but of announcement and joy as your beliefs and intents have created the highest and most supported outcome for all.  Hold this knowing in your heart and these coming days and weeks will proceed with purpose, power and authority.

The human is taking command of its destiny right now.  Gaia is pleased.  You are so very much loved.

That is all.

Thank you.
     You are the ones you’ve been waiting for.
With so much love,

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