Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Ascension Study Guide by Master Tony - Presented by IN5D Blog

This article was presented by IN5D and Michelle Walling and written by someone called Master Tony.   

As you may know their are many different opinions and interpretations as to what the Ascension/Incension really is.  I am posting this for your Awareness so you can discern for yourself.

"Follow your own heart and your own guidance", is the best advice I can share personally. 

Whether you follow a particular religious gospel, New Age gospel, Your Ascended Master gospel, Jesus gospel, Buddah gospel, other guru gospel, E.T. & Galactic Council gospel, a particular Secret Society gospel, it is all up to you, as a Sovereign Being to choose your own path and destiny.  Whatever it may be is perfect for YOUR life's spiritual journey.  

Anyone that tells you that there is only one pathway to enlightenment or self realization is placing limits and boundaries, in an Omniverse (IS-ness) that is INFINITE. 



The Ascension Study Guide And Personal Ascension Program

An introductory note From the HowToExitTheMatrix editor and In5D contributing author, Michelle Walling:

Although dates have changed, the essence of this Ascension Study Guide is still accurate in my opinion. I highly recommend the study of this guide for the confirmation of what you are doing daily to prepare for ascension as well as the understanding of the Law of One, angels and archangels, clearing your energy field, and why it is so important at this time. It is also my understanding through Lisa Renee’s material, that the Guardian Alliance has said that the ascension window is between 2012 and 2017. As we near the middle of 2016, my guidance is telling me that the first waves of ascension are coming very soon. This is exciting news! There has been interference by those who do not want the Earth to ascend , and they have been putting false messages out there that gave dates that came and went, and continue to say that it is “on your doorstep” and “just around the corner”. This was a brilliant strategy because we are making this happen, and those who sit back and wait rather than putting their efforts into helping Earth ascend have been a part of the delay.