Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gold Flatlines! GCR/RV/Gold Standard Officially Starts on 7.4.2016

Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]
Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]

Gold Flatlines!  GCR/RV/Gold Standard Officially Starts on 7.4.2016

Earlier this week from 1am to 8am EDT on July 4, 2016, the gold bullion spot price flatlined, which means there was no trading worldwide on gold (see 24 hour graph above).

This temporary down period or "reset" of the world markets in relation to the gold bullion spot price occurred in order recalibrate the global monetary value system per secret international gold treaty signed by 209 countries (aka The Paris Agreement on Climate Change).

What's not-so-ironic is that this happened occurred during the American Independence Day when US markets were closed for a national holiday. 

The 8am EDT domestic timestamp is important because this moment begins an intentional timestamp that starts at 12:00am (NZST) in Aukland, New Zealand -- which actually begins the day across all time zones and international trading markets.

This historic moment was very subtle and nearly impossible to see, but it's what the world has been waiting for… humanity is back on the gold standard! 

You can expect your redemption blessing to proceed now with great order and ease sometime on the 7/7 global banking day per Christine LeGarde's own cryptic prediction over a year ago…

Thank you to all who played a vital role in making such a monumental event possible, so that, all of us will one day feel the shade of economic mercy from your wide and anonymous tree.  We are eternally grateful and appreciative for your efforts.

God is with us.