Sunday, July 31, 2016

One World of Nations Update - Black Nobility - Who Will Care For Humanity

One World of Nations
Iniquitous Reprobates Series
Black Nobility
31 July 2016

As the Black Nobility House of Guelph and ancients such as the Giustiniani’s control your lives, who determines your right to even be, once determined as surplus to their needs? That time is fast approaching, but conflicting all their NWO ideologies, is the emerging Chinese Eurasian theoretical model, soon usurping all. This alone will defeat the Black Nobility, with their US / EU Cabal Agencies and Khazarian Mafia Banking underlings. Oh what a tangled web ensnaring and trapping all caught within. But now, the bell also calls time on them all, as history always does. Big changes are coming. Eurasia will take it all. New Orders will evolve. New Power families will emerge.

Where are you each among the 90% plus population of victims considered surplus to their needs? Surplus stock is culled. With no power, or purpose, who calls time on your right to feed from the dwindling resource pool they presume to control? Without profit, what value are you to them?

All human life is Ethereal life. Precious to all. They have No Cosmic Right to deny yours! But cocooned in their Elitist, febrile existence, if not deterred, they will. Most nations have no concept or awareness of their very existence, or the powers they hold over each and all of you.

The Venetians control the Federal Reserve.

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