Tuesday, July 12, 2016

OWON Blog Update - July 12, 2016

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TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2016 AT 6:38:00 AM MDT


Half way through the day and how life can change on a Dime.

Not the Elders , but China, is now agreeing [to] an IMF support deal with Iraq which can have fast implications for the Reno Groups and Sovereigns. From that may come a trickle down.

As stated before, we can and will disclose no details until our clients are safely transacted, but once safe, we will help all we can.

The Middle East has only just finished Ramadan. Tomorrow is their Friday calenda map, but from next week we may see freak turns. Thursday and Fridays are holiday days in the Muslim world, and Saturday / Sundays work days.

China direct may drive this. Share the Roller Coaster ride. How the other half lives.

Nothing as yet is starting in Reno. But the Bull is stirring. Earliest real info next week. Right in Silly Season.

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