Wednesday, August 17, 2016

LOREE Garrett Update - August 17, 2016

Cameo Loree Garrett

Kate Middleton is involved, along with Rachel the Jew (from D.C.), in hundreds of murders against clones of myself and my son, and particularly I saw my son murdered, but I also witnessed murders against clones of me. 

I was forced to be implanted with medical "devices" and "head gear", over them both.  When I was saying I remembered things about Rachel and Kate, this is when the U.S. they were going to do something about me, to torture me in the future so others didn't have to "worry" about me.  Not only that, I had been tortured by the Parker-Bowles and they were known CIA officers.

I was tortured, as a little girl, and toddler, beyond belief by Rachel the Jew, who was camping out at my house as a member of my family, living there in Moses Lake, WA with Bob and Dicksie.  I was also tortured by her at other locations.  The torture was the worst of the worst and extremely severe and she hated my older clones and was electrocuting them and torturing them and then plotting against me with a bunch of fucked up Jews.

Kate Middleton is one of the worst ones, and when I wasn't in the U.S. and visited by HER, living at my house, I was tortured in England by her entire family and especially by Carol Goldsmith and Kate Middleton and William, but sometimes even worse with other women.

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