Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Loree Garrett Update - August 8, 2016

Cameo Loree Garrett
LOREE Garrett
this post Hostage from U.S. Seeks Job and Relocation
I am in a terrible, horrible situation in the U.S. I have been trying to leave this God damned country my entire life, and was forced into the CIA and U.S. Army's "MK ULTRA" program which uses govt. clones as slaves, as a baby. I was "born" into it. I was forced to work for all of the U.S. agencies and not paid, and I was tortured and raped every single day of my childhood, except for a few weeks' break or every other day sometimes.

The Washington D.C. FBI Headquarters then finally told me to my face they could, and would, rape me whenever they wanted to, and would force me to have cloned babies. They had CIA and Pentagon employees in their offices at the time I was told this, and the location was FBI. During that trip I was forced into CIA offices in Richmond, VA and also FBI offices there, and actually both VA FBI offices, along with being forced to visit the Pentagon again.

I was impregnated as a preteen after this trip, and I was 10 years old when the FBI told me they would rape me whenever they wanted. They also forced me, at gunpoint and with threats of torture, to continue working "with" them and help their employees (who double-work for FBI and govt. along with having performer-celebrity jobs) with music video direction and how to sing songs that I had written.

 I was being held hostage as a child slave-laborer to crank out songs for other artists to claim was their own work and perform. By that time, my songs already had awards and had international success and I was being forced to "ghostwrite" while other U.S. employees stole credit, stole my lyrics and music, and then sold it to people to perform.

This was also done to me in England, and the English govt. and Israel were #1 countries involved. In Germany, Angela Merkel was involved in trying to extort profits from me as well, and I believe it was through the U.S. Army base that "occupies" part of Germany since WWII as an agreement between the "victors".

I was trafficked there, tortured, and other people were interrogated in front of me, crying, and murdered in front of me. So there are some people in Germany I have problems with, such as Angela and would want to work for people not connected or associated to her or her political party. She was primarily working for the CIA. She flew to VA and was conducting executions with others, against U.S. citizens whose clones had been accused of being former "Nazis". She is a clone and I met another identical "Angela", who went by the same name and was recognized by CIA as "Angie", who was before the one currently in her position in Germany.

However, I was tortured and abused by both of them, and they were making deals with the U.S. to control me. I was forced to sign a statement agreeing to give Germany money from my songwriting, in exchange for releasing me from a jail in Germany when I was a kid, for trying to rat on Angela Merkel. She was also trying to use me, when I was a kid, to murder people. They were using little girls and boys and forcing them to hold guns and shoot so they didn't have their own fingerprints on the weapons and she handed me a gun with gloved hands and made me shoot.