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FORM: Zimbabwe 
​Currency is a Sovereign Historical Bond​

Excerpts from Zimbabwe Situation:

f you'll remember in 2008, the same German company. chosen to print new Zimbabwe bonds releasing this coming August, Giesecke & Devrient, stopped providing paper for Zimbabwe dollar banknotes after an official request from its government

Griesecke & Devrient
said at the time that its decision came after a “political and moral assessment” of its contract with Zimbabwe

Meaning, the ZIM is a sovereign historical bond not

​solely ​
a national currency
​, but also a bond with legal rights to the land, minerals and resources of Zimbabwe.  T
​net ​
redemption value is much
​, much​
higher than
​any ​
other first basket currenc

This is also why a
​Ultra High Net Worth
boutique private bank like Abbot Downing was contracted to handle intake of the ZIM historical bond for a Wells Fargo, and why it's critical for the Chinese Elders to pay whatever price necessary to retrieve all historic sovereign historic bonds / assets worldwide--as they plan on ultimately destroying them, including all global fiat currencies eventually.

​Just understand that
​legally ​
accomplish a Global Currency Reset (GCR) all of humanity's past debts must be paid in full by the
​Chinese ​
Elders before the world can
eset onto a new, gold backed financial
, a
​s only then will all 
currencies of the world
​be allowed to
ReValue (RV).

SPIRIT: Weekend GCR/RV: Possible Date, Time & Reason

​Excerpts from Urantia Book (Urantia = Earth)… audio files are available within each link...

Jesus Christ of the Nazarene (Palestine) was born "at noon on August 21, 7 B.C."; however, if this unknown to be on Julian Calendar date or a proleptic Gregorian Calendar date.  Thus the date may refer to the calendar that was in use at that time and/or the current calendar just extended backward in time.  More to the point, Jesus' birthday should be celebrated on August 21 of the current calendar, as under the "harvest moon" is the real anniversary of the Messiah's birth rather during the winter solstice period of late December.

If humanity has been lied to about the birth and life of Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus Christ)… what else have our controllers lied to us about?

Open your hearts… release the mind… and ascend… it's safe now… we are free...

God is with us