Monday, August 1, 2016

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Promises ‘A Lot More Material’ Coming On U.S. Elections, They’re Not Done

By Alex Erickson, Collective Evolution

The 2016 U.S. presidential elections have proven to be among the most controversial, circus-like events to date. Weighing in on the matter has been WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has exposed valuable truths regarding political corruption, most notably of the DNC and Hillary Clinton.
Speaking in a CNN interview following the release of nearly 20,000 emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee by suspected Russian hackers, Assange says WikiLeaks has “a lot more” documents that will add further controversy to the election.

His threat should come as no surprise, since he also claimed that the “Hillary Leaks” would become a series. He even went so far to say during a recent interview with ITV that his next release will “provide enough evidence” to see Hillary arrested.
According to Assange, the leak of 20,000 internal emails from the DNC “is having so much political impact in the United States.” Yet when asked to disclose the source of the leaked emails, he refused to confirm or deny alleged Russian involvement as a means for protecting WikiLeaks’ information sources.
“Perhaps one day the source or sources will step forward and that might be an interesting moment some people may have egg on their faces. But to exclude certain actors is to make it easier to find out who our sources are,” Assange said.
Assange believes Clinton’s aides are swaying the public’s attention on the “Russian trail” as a means to avoid addressing the actual matter at hand: the DNC plotting against Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

“What we have right now is the Hillary Clinton campaign using a speculative allegation about hacks that have occurred in the past to try and divert attention from our emails, another separate issue that WikiLeaks has published,” Assange explained.

“I think this raises a very serious question, which is that the natural instincts of Hillary Clinton and the people around her, that when confronted with a serious domestic political scandal, that she tries to blame the Russians, blame the Chinese, etc.,” he continued.

“If she does that when she’s in government, that’s a political, managerial style that can lead to conflict.”

Of Russian involvement, the FBI suspects that Russian government hackers breached the networks of the Democratic National Committee and stole emails that were posted to WikiLeaks in order to influence the presidential election in favor of Donald Trump. This theory is backed by Trump’s own connections to the Russian government, and his repeated praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
“In order to try and deflect the horror and stupidity of the Wikileakes [sic] disaster, the Dems said maybe it is Russia dealing with Trump. Crazy!” Trump tweeted. “For the record, I have ZERO investments in Russia.”

Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denies Moscow’s role in the hacking of U.S. Democratic Party emails, saying such accusations are “absurd” and that “this is not good for our bilateral relations, but we understand that we simply have to get through this unpleasant period.”
Now, we all wait for more information to be revealed by WikiLeaks, as we wonder how it will continue to affect the elections, and furthermore, how it will display more disturbing amounts of corruption.

This is a great election year to realize that politics is full of corruption, and this entire process is one big distraction. It’s not the answer to the planet’s problems, we are.  Neither Trump nor Clinton is a suitable choice for a leadership position, and regardless of who is elected, the real problem that plagues our modern day world is the secret government. Ending on that note, here is an article that provides more information on that:

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