Saturday, August 20, 2016

Zen Gardener Exposed As a Former Leader of a Paedophile Cult


Zen Gardner has just recently been exposed as an established leader in the child-abusing and pedophile cult,  known as 'The Children of God'. The cult like practices of this cult are very disturbing and disgusting, as one would expect.

An Open Letter to Don Fergerson – aka Zen Gardner

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An Open Letter to Don Ferguson a.k.a. Zen Gardner

Over the past week I have received many messages from people asking me about Zen Gardner’s recent “confession”. He was a member of the Children of God (The Family) cult for 27 years, including being in leadership position.

I have kept quiet over the past week since the news broke and wanted to talk to Zen personally about it since I had some questions. I have “known” Zen since April this year. He liked my work, reposted some of my blogs on his site and I was on his “Now and Zen” show in May. We stayed in contact, changed a few Skype messages and had two Skype video chats. The last time I talked to him via Skype was when he was in Spain last month, hanging out with my friend Benny Wills (from Joy Camp) and others.

I was quite shocked when I first read his article “My Missing Years”. At first I was glad to see that he shared this hidden aspect of his personal life and opened up. It triggered empathy and compassion within me. However, as I was doing more research into the COG cult and also discovered why and how his “confession” actually came about, many things he talked about (and especially the way he handled it) didn’t add up. There was a lot of avoidance, white-washing and not addressing big questions that sit like multiple “elephants in the living room”.

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Zen Gardner Confession.....

by Zen Gardner 8/8/16

I’ve deliberately avoided this subject as it drags up so much controversy and a lot
of traumatic memories besides the deep shame involved, but it’s time to lay it on
the table. It certainly aligns with all that is happening vibrationally as well as huge
events and changes in my own personal life as this shift turns up the heat, so here comes.

I’ve often referred to several major life changes that I’ve been through but have
been deliberately vague about a large part of my life, some even claiming I’m some
kind of agent of some sort because of the seeming obscurity about my background.
I’ve referenced my previous alternative Christian beliefs but never got into any
detail of what that entailed. I write forcefully about religion and belief systems and
hierarchy because I was subjected to a severe form of them for almost 27 years.

Following my original wake up and getting deep into spirituality and looking for how
best I could change the world, at 22 years old I joined the Children of God, later to
be known as The Family. Many of my generation tried various alternative lifestyles,
new religious movements and the like, most of which turned out to be cults in one
form or another, as was my case. I didn’t fully escape until 1999 after many years
of trying to change the group from the inside because I felt I had to give it my best
shot before leaving, having invested so much of my heart and life in it and what I
thought it stood for during those many years and wanting to leave with a clear

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