Monday, September 26, 2016

3rd Party Jill Stein responds to Clinton-Trump duel livetime (WATCH LIVE)
Barred from participating in the Clinton-Trump showdown at New York’s Hofstra University, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein fights back with her own livestream Q&A contribution to the debate on social media.

In answer to a debate question how to achieve prosperity, Stein said Clinton approved of NAFTA, which was signed into law by her husband, then president, Bill Clinton.

She said everything that Donald Trump markets is an off-shored manufactured item.

“So Donald Trump knows all about it. In fact he advised that people to close their factories and move somewhere and then impose low wages on the workers,” said Stein with more than 7,000 watchers on her livestream.

“We are calling for the antidote to NAFTA. The Green New Deal, investing in people, 20 million living wage jobs that will transition us to 100 percent clean energy," said Stein.”…[Restoring] our ecosystem, turning the tide on climate change, revives our health, that alone is enough.”

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With over 9,000 viewers online, Stein said the policies that led to the Wall Street crisis, and the consequence of predatory lending and predatory student loans, were a result of deregulation brought to us by then president Bill Clinton, with the support of Hillary Clinton. Clinton is a friend of the big banks, too, said Stein.

“Don’t just listen to talk,” said Stein.

“It’s very important we go back and renegotiate NAFTA …but we need to develop our jobs here,” said Stein. “That’s why we call for investing in new jobs through our Green New small businesses, worker businesses, worker collectives.”

With over 9,000 watchers, Stein said both parties have a history of cutting taxes on the wealthy, and shifting the tax base to the middle class and working people.

“America wasn’t meant to be an aristocracy,” said Stein. “22 billionaires have as much money as 50 percent of the US population. ...We need a progressive income tax, with the rich paying at least at the 55 to 60 percent level.”

“We need a politics of integrity," said Stein when the candidates talked about their tax returns and financial disclosures.

“I think they are both right,” said Stein. “I think the America people deserve disclosure about who is the bigger crook.”