Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ahlex Fight Back Against The Reptilians : Bases 62

Thank you to Builder

Some heavy, heavy stuff!

Assassination of a human and a torture center for reptilians:

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO0tor2-SE0

Published on Sep 11, 2016
Ahlex and his mother have connections with the intelligence community.

This initial chat is simply to get the message across that the Reptilians can be taken out, and they will and are being tortured to fight back at their collective "energy cloud consciousness" This is straight attack on them, in as bloody and gruesome a way as it can get. Fighting fire with fire, doing to them as they do to us.

This is a war, and its getting vicious.

He has sent some information, and a further interview is planned. During this he and my kit took some hits.

This is an introduction to 'Ahlex', on the test run of the Bases live mix edit. So we still have some problems to work out.

He claims to recall James Casbolt holding him as a child. The killing of Max Spiers also triggers emotions, as Ahlex claims a close personal connection. This and more.......

The first 30 mins was lost as we had a 'glitch' in the record, and had to start all over again, which where this part of Bases 62 takes off......... The Fight Back against the Reptilians.....

This was an extremely difficult and challenging interview for Ahlex, who became severely targeted as we went through, especially in the crucial parts of the first 30 mins.

He is reading off the points as much was "sent" to him. As with all witness statements I just record it, and take it as it comes. I did however stop him mentioning names, of certain celebrities in Jimmy Saville related