Saturday, September 17, 2016

David Martin: Ascension – Time To Think Of The BIGGER Picture!


Many of you who follow such things might have noticed posts about unusual activity from the Sun and various areas of our Universe that appear to break away from what is expected. There is a build up of energy but those who track events are not seeing this energy disperse. This is bringing concern to some as what is known is insufficient to see this as anything but potentially worrisome.

To put things into a better perspective and see beyond what is known or perceived. Science can only work in terms of everything in relationship to what we know or it has to enter the realms of conjecture, possibility or probability. The new age, alien, galactic viewpoint of beings looking somewhat humanoid and either coming to save us or take over our planet and enslave us. These scenarios no matter how we look at them leave a lot that could go well and even more that has the potential to lead us astray.

So what about this BIGGER picture?
As humans we tend to think in terms of how we perceive things; solid three-dimensional. We see ourselves our family our pets the planet our solar system in terms of our science and what we have learned. So there is a natural tendency to think of our universe in the same way we see everything else. Many think of Earth as a living being and name her spirit as Gaia (or other names depending on path followed). Still not big enough!, think of our Universe as a living being and all contained within is part of the whole. We know we are ascending but that is just us thinking about us. Our Universe is ascending as it too needs to evolve. This is why so much is happening that cannot be quantified as there is no known history.

Should we be worried? Of course not, you are you no matter what happens. You are not your body, you are not your mind you are so much more and are only just beginning to get an inkling of how big and beautiful that true reality is. Most of the time you either dwell here or wander in the consciousness soup that surrounds this planet, interacting and playing out roles from life, fiction and other realms. As you are part of the whole you will continue with the whole – you cannot un-exist something that exists you can only change it. As everything is evolving positively things can only improve.

Those who are very sensitive have without revealing been helping the ascension process, much of the discomfort you have been working through has enabled huge amounts of energy grounding and manipulation. Remember everything is just energy, nothing more, nothing less and only the way that energy is formed and projected makes all the realities.

So who is doing what to whom is really insignificant as no person, no being and no minor deity can detract from what is now becoming obvious – we are ALL growing up.

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