Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Exposing Luciferian Symbolism and Routine Medical Errors Inside Hospitals

Exposing Luciferian Symbolism and Routine Medical Errors Inside Hospitals
So this is something I have been wanting to write about for a while, but I was very hesitant as the information is incredibly damning and I thought there were just some things that people shouldn’t know about what goes on in hospitals. But I don’t know very many people that work in healthcare that have a blog and a desire to seek and publish the truth like myself. I don’t know if I will lose my job after this but the people deserve to know what’s going on in hospitals.

I’ve worked in two hospitals, currently still working at one, and the same terrible things have gone on in both of them and I feel comfortable sharing what I know and have learned and have see. I am not anonymous, I do not try to hide who I am as I have YouTube videos that show what I look like and use my real name for Facebook. I can prove I work in healthcare but will not share the hospital names at this time. All I can say about that is that if you take care of yourself, you, for the most part, won’t ever have to see me or a doctor.

According to researchers at John Hopkins the third leading cause of death in the United States is medical errors. I am actually surprised it is not higher up on the list. I and my co-workers routinely correct medical errors, sometimes on an hourly basis. For instance, we will have patients who are ordered as part of their treatment to be monitored on continuous EKG while they are here and it will be someone’s job to call the RN for any changes in their heart rhythm. The nurses are supposed to call and notify certain individuals if the patient transfers to another floor or another room on the same floor, or if they go off the floor for a test; CT, MRI etc, which happens regularly. This more often than not doesn’t happen. The patient will be transferred to another floor and no notification will be given.