Monday, September 5, 2016

Kindness Unheard Before - By Pine Cone

Kindness Unheard Before   090416
By: Pine Cone

When a Mother plays the role of Mother-in-control of children, children play this mind game with their controller, until Mothers replace the mind of their children, with their own. Children become addicted to Mothers, as much as Mothers become addicted to control-over children, then neither enjoy Sovereign freedom, locked together in a sick-loyalty, that begins the mutual depressive nature of Parent/Child Triangulation flow of resentment-blame transference onto the shunned ghost-dad, thrown under the fused-relationship prison-family initiation-gang bus.

This social norm Mother-role psychic incest defines the emotional Blackmail of children, where the frightened needy Mother replaces the mind of her children with her own, which sets the standard infrastructure of all, that follows in every ego-driven Mother Earth power-over system demand, that keeps replicating from the fear of Mothers, hidden deep under every suffering adult pretentious smile. Taking control-over another comes with depression in, both the emotional Blackmailer codependent, and the emotional Hostage codependent rage-mirrors.

This defines the competitive nature of all Mother Earth relationships, and co-creates any other victim 3rd person, as, mere drama patsies, to blame for addictive-soul pretentious-attachment Godless-codependency. No one remains gender-free interconnected from, each Sovereign-soul Bonding in role-free Delight. Each suffering depressed human, actually co-creates this innate struggle between collective consciousness, and remaining True to one’s Sovereign ONENESS Spirit Conscience inner-child Self. Children abandon their innocent souls, in favor of the Mother mind-control, from power-over motives, to replace the child’s mind, in favor of our demanding collective consciousness Authoritarianism.

Little girls grow up playing this Blackmail Mother role, while little boys grow up playing this Hostage-shunned Father role, and both Mother-cloned gender, also co-create this Parent/Child Triangulation drama, from all the collective consciousness demand, not to feel this Mother Earth core issue. Mothers owning children this way, and shunning ex-fathers out of social-norm family-triangulation, patterns itself after Satanic ISIS Mercenary divisive WAR intention, so the elite retain control over the 99% Mother-role metaphor collective consciousness un-empowered ‘peasant’ politics.

There are no winners, ever, and none of this is anyone’s fault, so while we, all fight over who has control over who, in every ‘damned’ Mother Earth family ISIS triangle, the, real Mother puppeteers laugh in constant mocking-echo ridicule, raping, sacrificing, and eating our lost-soul depressed-adult mind-controlled Blackmailed children. Blackmailers suffer a lot of hidden resentment/guilt, that takes over their mind, their life, and their Sovereign freedom, yet all the while, their children can’t let go of increasing addiction to demand more, and more, and relentless more, from their voracious suckling-need for more Mother mind-control addiction.

If we imagine, from the motive of compassion, and acceptance, how depression isn’t an illness, but remains our dominant social norm, instead, where we children simply suck up other’s feelings, and compress them down into a hardened crust of anger/blame turned inward, then depression seems easier to face, than our normalcy bias power-over need, to blame/fix patsies. There is nothing to fix here, and everything here needs a lot of forgiveness, all round, but as long as anyone wants to step out of role-suffering Hell here, others may, not want to let go of us, in this, all consuming triangulation-demand drama.

We, all live in this Mother-role hardened-crust over the septic tank of Earth life-fail, and there has, never been one human yet, that didn’t have a Mother controller, who used the children, sex, and food to Blackmail/shun ex-fathers, then blame men for everything else, that happens in favor of the smirking elite stinky-eye Satanic, so called “Winner’ Circle” here. Little girls become depressed, from playing the breeder-in-training role for the elite, from the get-go, and little boys become depressed, from playing the get-go un-empowered dildo-in-training patsy-role for the elite. Once Mothers replace children’s minds with Mother Blackmail, everyone ‘get-go’ becomes, so Usury depressed, no human feelings play a part in any soul-role left abandoned, from the elite’s ‘get go’ Satanic ridicule.

Unifying Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes Mercy requires, all of us, to let go of Karmic cognitive dissonance, because we, all play, all these same roles over, and over, until we forgive enough, to enlighten compassion enough, to let go of, all divisive-Satanic collective consciousness political-triangulation roles. I AM Mother, Father, little girl, and little boy, and nobody is any different than I AM any different, down deep inside at the soul level, where we, all are the same, and can enjoy the same Mystical Heaven Magical portal to Miracle ONENESS Spirit Conscience, replete, timeless, inviolate, and invisible.