Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"MAJESTIC JOURNEY" - September 7, 2016

September 7, 2016

It has come clearer into my understanding that what we are all collectively experiencing with regards to the RV is not time or detail oriented, but perception and / or higher consciousness related.

What is occurring around us, to us, through us is unprecedented energy flowing into our dimension, and there's simply no logical or historical basis for deeper conscious understanding--so we all struggle to gain an emotional foothold in this new reality.

The irony is that the limitation of reality is what's crumbling all around us via the absolute eradication of evil energies from the surface of the planet.

So where do we turn?  Whom do we trust?  How can this be so?  Where's my spiritual sanctuary?

Know that the financial event you so eagerly await is merely a small, yet meaningful check listed item in conjunction with a grand and non-negotiable mission, with One aim to again rid your environment of Heavenly rebellion.

A second flood if you will--but one of love not water.  And one without end.

Which means there's an enormous amount of galactic resources allocated to reversing the current trends of humanity, and its benevolent energy surge can physically be felt across the surface of the earth, all solar system planets, in this and every galaxy, universe and super universe.

This event you're currently experiencing is far, far greater than you're imagining, this your consciousness is desperately trying to realign--not your intent or intelligence.

The freedom now being experience on your planet is much bigger than your allowing your conscious mind to believe--yet your subconscious mind knows full well about what is coming and thus has positioned your life perfectly to thrive when the galactic wave of mercy arrives in full crest.

Yes, there will be individual banking transactions soon, but the event is so much greater than even endless flow of funding to humanitarian projects and/or job creation, more important than any date or rates, and well beyond the need to know redemption locations or structured payout terms.

You see, this event that you are participating in is also one small check listed item on your own MAJESTIC JOURNEY through time and space.

Your mind, body and soul have agreed with God through sacred covenant to assist in resetting this planet, this species, back to His originally intended, crystallized form (Christ Consciousness) in service of the shared Creator Father.

Which means you are divinity protected by the Most High who will not allow you to fail by Heavenly Decree.  Thus, any difficulty you are currently experiencing is due to simple vibrational non-alignment with Pure Will of the Creator Father and truth of Heaven's Mandate

Any anxiousness or disappointment you may currently be feeling is due to belief in a repeated lie told to generations of your family, who have all willingly subjected their human experience to a life of vibrational slavery.

Remember, your soul is eternal so if you exist you haven also chosen to enter into this dimensional plane as a temporary servant of the Most High.

Meaning, you willingly selected this oppressed life experience as one shirt leg of your soul's infinitely long MAJESTIC JOURNEY.

So be it.

Whatever desire or excitement you are experiencing regarding the RV or monetary transition, is necessary to raise your vibration up to its required frequency for the next leg of your journey.  Why?  So your soul can ascend into higher realms of immortal consciousness, using the the stark contrast only a temporary life experience can offer.

As such, it's now wise to release all expectations so that you can regain access to your divine mind downloads and return to the easy harvesting of Heaven's Instruction.

So much divine information is releasing through your Central Sun right now it must be hard for many of you to stay in your skin.  This is normal.  Be patient with yourself, with current events, with others not as aware.  Everything will make "complete sense" shortly.

Understand and trust that no man made distraction can resist the Will of the Creator Father.  His strength is omnipotent; His patience eternal; and resistance to His agenda futile as only complete surrender brings alignment or dimensional peace.

So there is no more event intel as there was never has been any concern in Heaven for The Golden Book of Fate to both reset and execute with perfect divine timing is guaranteed.

Therefor it's safe to be at peace and sincerely release whatever it is that bounds you up inside, and keeps you from enjoying every breath in your earthly MAJESTIC JOURNEY.

All is well.

Christ is love.

God is with us.