Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Economist Magazine Puts Another Cryptic Message "666 & Illuminati Owl"

September 13, 2016

Thank you to Ben for pointing this out.

2015 Cover of The Economist
You may already be aware of a magazine and news organization that is 50% owned by the Rothschild clan. It is a magazine that routinely puts out cryptic and symbolical messages on its cover pages. Yes, it is The Economist. Their most famous and conspiracy oriented magazine cover was put out on January 2015. You can read an in depth analysis done by www.vigilantcitizen.com which reviews almost every hidden message embedded on this cover.

Fast forward to August 20th of 2016, The Economist posted a creepy video on their official Instagram account.  At face value it is a message regarding the American housing crisis and how it may implode once again due to the lack of reforms.

As one looks deeper into the hidden messages brought to us by the nefarious Rothschild family, one will find a couple of different symbolic pieces.


The 10 second video starts off with a close up view of an all American middle class home with an address number written on the front door.  The address..... '666' also known as the "Mark of The Beast".  The camera zooms out slowly while an ominous musical sound track plays, revealing a nicely manicured lawn being watered by Mom, a kid riding his bike, while Dad watches on.  Behind the house a main title bar appears that says "Nightmare on Main Street".  Obviously this pays homage to the 80s classic horror film 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'.  Suddenly from under the family's house pops up two evil glowing eyes and a sinister laugh to follow.
The eyes have an interesting look to them, is it me or do they look like that of the an ever watching owl that plagues the occult empire.

Lets point out a few of these Illuminati Owls.  Remember the New World Order elites visiting the Bohemian Grove to watch a human sacrifice in front of a giant stone statue of an Owl? This occult ritual is known as the Cremation of Care.


You will also see a tiny hidden owl perched on the front of the Federal Reserve Note $1 Bill.  Pull out your Fed Note and on the upper right corner next to the leaf you will see an owl.


And we can't forget the owl on Capitol Hill. Yes, literally created on the land of a foreign corporate land mass known as the District of Columbia aka Washington D.C.  The place were a bunch of corrupted "American" politicians working for the New World Order convene to enslave humanity by passing laws that work against the people and for the benefit of corporations.


So do we just ignore these themes and pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Or is this message from the Rothchild's 'The Economist' magazine carry a deeper meaning other than an American housing crisis?

Here is the official link to the Instagram message by The Economist.... https://www.instagram.com/p/BJVACF0AM2v/

You can also watch the video on YouTube at this link here ..... https://youtu.be/qVl7xnR35VY

Here is Mark Passio explaining the OWL symbolism..... https://youtu.be/rYFQ2akHy-E

Here is another video showing you the OWL symbolism.... https://youtu.be/SxAaonzHNyc