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My Epiphany at Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment

By William Henry

God, S/He moves in mysterious ways.

On October 7-9, 2016, I had the pleasure of speaking — and having my mind blown (!)– at the “Ancient Mysteries” conference at Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, VA.

My presentation, “The Essenes and Ascension”, featured my last several years research on these (mostly) Jewish mystics who, extraordinarily,  claimed to be living with angels (celestial beings/’extraterrestrials’) who taught them how to transform their human flesh — in a FLASH!!! —  into the celestial flesh of the angels. Radiant, luminous, shining, this ‘flashy flesh’ of the angels is composed of a rarefied ‘perfect’ spiritual substance that is as ‘real’ or ‘solid’ in the higher realms as our physical body is on the earth. Attainment of this ‘light body’ is the next step in human spiritual evolution.

According to the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Essenes alienated themselves from the rest of society to ‘perfect’ themselves in order to prepare and make way for the visitation of a high celestial being and to lead a revolution in human evolution by transforming themselves into angels and the earth into a planet of righteousness.

The scrolls reveal the Essenes were also obsessed with transforming themselves to be like their visiting angels and their state of being (in light bodies) in order to ascend to and enter a celestial city called Sion or the New Jerusalem. In Hebrews (12:22), we learn this place is inhabited by “angels gathered in joyful assembly and just humans made perfect.

The Essenes sought to take their place at this family gathering of angels and perfect ones.


While at the A.R.E. I was given a tour of the vault containing Edgar Cayce’s original readings and other artifacts, including the gorgeous painting “Flight Into Egypt” (featured above). I even got to sit at his desk!It so happens that Hurricane Matthew was spinning toward Virginia Beach while I was there. I had no idea that coming on those clouds was a lightning strike of revelation and it was headed my way!
I was excited to hear Cayce expert, John Van Auken’s, talk about Edgar Cayce and the Essenes. Incredibly, the great seer had provided numerous readings about the Essene teachings at least fifteen years before the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947. In startling ways, Cayce’s dream-state readings about the Essenes matched what the scrolls said in detail after detail. In particular, I was intrigued by Cayce’s references to the Essenes and perfection which appeared on several of Van Auken’s slides.

While at the A.R.E. I was given a tour of the vault containing Edgar Cayce’s original readings and other artifacts, including the gorgeous painting “Flight Into Egypt” (featured above). I even got to sit at his desk!

A great souvenir from the A.R.E.!

During my talk, I presented the research that led to my unique hypothesis that the Essenes living in Jerusalem and Alexandria Egypt c. 150 B.C. to 66 AD were practicing Buddhist Rainbow Light Body techniques referred to as the Great Perfection. The Tibetans teach that the Great Perfection was originally of extraterrestrial / cosmic origins and represents the highest form of enlightenment or spiritual realization on earth.

The ultimate goal of the Rainbow Body practitioner is to accelerate the frequency of the body until it dissolves into five colored rainbow light, leaving behind only hair, toe and fingernails that have no nerves to be transmuted. The result is a new birth or rebirth into a luminous, humanoid body shot with gold and which emits rainbow colors.

In a process that is as natural as a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, practitioners ‘ascend’ in new perfect bodies of light matching those of the celestial beings. This ‘light body’ is known in virtually every spiritual tradition. It goes by many names, of which the Garment of Light, Robe of Glory, Beaming Garment, Star Body, Diamond Body, Body of Bliss, are just a few.

What ‘called’ me to the Essenes was my discovery that they called their ‘research group’ the House of Perfection and referred to themselves as those who walk in the Perfect Way.

Researchers have observed the link between Jesus’s ‘perfect’ rainbow Resurrection body and the Rainbow Light Body of the Great Perfection. Side by side mages of the rainbow clad resurrected Christ with the Tibetan images of the Rainbow Body (as below) have been a staple of my books, presentations and TV shows since 2006. My three latest books have explored the sayings of Jesus that correspond to this body.


As I listened to Van Auken’s talk, I had no idea that a (major!) new piece to the correspondence between these images and the Tibetan and Christian teachings was about to slip into place.
For years, I additionally have been linking the images of the Rainbow Light Body with those of the Seraphim angels. The highest order of angels, the Seraphim dwell at God’s Throne (in the celestial city, Sion), but routinely interact with humanity, including the Essenes, as discussed in the Dead Sea Scrolls and other documents.

The Seraphim are the angels the Essenes sought to become. The ‘new bodies’ they sought are the same as the bodies of these beings.

In Jewish mysticism, the complete physical characteristics of the Seraphim (also known as the Watchers or Angels of the Lord) includes:
  • a humanoid body,
  • a ‘serpentine face’,
  • a many colored garment,
  • rising up into the air like whirlwinds,
  • luminous or radiant bodies,
  • feathered cloaks,
  • many eyes,
and the ability to fluidly morph or change form and to shape-shift.

This is why, in Christian art, the Seraphim are portrayed as humanoid beings with swirling, vortex shaped bodies covered with feathers. Are the feathers meant to symbolize flight, but also an energy field or waves of light emitted from these beings? I believe so. To me, the visual similarity between the Rainbow Light Body and the energetic bodies of the Seraphim is not a coincidence.

I have proposed the Rainbow Body state and the Seraphim are same class of enlightened celestial beings. The Tibetans haven’t claimed this. Nor has the Judeo-Christian tradition. As far as I know, this is unique to me. I point this out not out of ego, but rather to alert the reader to the source of this link and in hopes that those ‘in the know’ will contact me with any additional references to support my hypothesis.


As they were developed in corresponding Christian theology, Seraphim are beings of pure light and pure love and have direct communication with God. As  noted, they dwell at the Throne of God. However, they don’t stay there. They can manifest in our world.

In fact, the resurrected Jesus appeared to St. Francis of Assisi as a Seraph, demonstrating that the state of being of the Seraph is the same as the resurrected state of being. In the art of resurrection, which is derived from eye-witness accounts (John the Revelator, for example) Jesus is either seen with a rainbow around his body or with the body of a Seraphim. In my view, these bodies are the interchangeable or energetic phases of the same light body. One, the Rainbow Body version, is a sped up version of the other (the Seraphim). This because these heavenly beings ‘slow down’ their frequency in order to be perceived by our earthly senses.

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