Sunday, October 23, 2016

"Die With the Lie" - RV Update - October 23, 2016

Received via email...... 
This entire world and our entire species has been lied to for 13 millennia.  

That's a hard enough fact to understand let alone accept and ultimately release.

What's even more interesting than how we move forward, however, is how the cabal ends.  

After all, they're all been raised to deceive generation after generation after generation, to act out this great lie against humanity in every country and culture, religion and race, language and lifestyle.

Individually they've been trained / warped from birth to keep the lie going, do their part.  Thus their current behavior is no different than in decades past--it's just our collective consciousness has awakened and begun to notice the depth and scope of their ancient yet coordinated cabal against humanity's ascension.

Tonight, all the liars will be put on display here at the very, very end; as the truth has long been prepared for reveal in mass.

Tonight, the cabal dies with the lie.  And humanity realizes they are free.