Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fisher Update - Fisher may be leaving off planet this November as an "Ambassador to the Ancients"

Dinar Chronicles 

Sitrep just posted re Paris Agreement! Fisher called it lol

f - sorry can u explain the 30 days


the 30 days refers to the carbon emissions, not the gold treaty stuff

If you think about it, there might just be a connection to the Clinton foundation hacking and the ratification of the Accord, expect another Sitrep at some point

Retirement is now out of the question for me, negotiating a new position off-world

can you tell us more about your new position and when you will leave us and are you happy about the new position?

Ambassador to the Ancients, if all works out the way we all want it to

Fisher .. when would you be leaving .. the planet?

around the first of November, possibly sooner